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Laura Gwyneth is the twenty-one, soon-to-be twenty-two-year-old model from Streatham, south London whose beauty and captivating personality are just two of the many great assets she brings to the set. Laura, currently signed at Named Models, is studying math while balancing her modeling career, she loves drawing and Sudoku puzzles and you can imagine how good she is at it considering her passion and talent for the math science.

As we get to know more about Laura and the things she is passionate about, Manchester-based photographer, Jake Millers, teamed up with stylist Jesse Alexandra to capture Laura's unique and dazzling beauty in a stunning location, where the creative duo draws inspiration from British heritage sites and bring into the styling Britain's very own Burberry. Beauty by Stephanie Turner.

F Word: How was it growing up for you? Laura Gwyneth: I didn't have a particularly difficult childhood, my life was pretty fine but like most young girls I really struggled with self-esteem, I was very self-conscious and really disliked my shyness & introversion.

F Word: If you could describe your teen self in three words, what would they be? Laura Gwyneth: Quiet, Empathetic, Thoughtful.

F Word: How did you get into modelling? Laura Gwyneth: Instagram.

F Word: How long have you been modelling for? Laura Gwyneth: I've been signed for about 2 years now.

F Word: What is the best and worst thing about modelling? Laura Gwyneth: Best thing is having the opportunity to travel, the worst thing is how last minute everything can be sometimes.

F Word: Can you share a funny or unique story from your modelling adventures? Laura Gwyneth: I had to crawl through stinging nettles once for a shoot.

F Word: Best job to date: Laura Gwyneth: Shooting in Ibiza with Anya Holdstock!

F Word: Dream modelling job/client: Laura Gwyneth: Tyrone Lebon.

F Word: A fashion/style icon: Laura Gwyneth: 90's Kate Moss.

F Word: Do you follow fashion and style earnestly, or nah? Why? Laura Gwyneth: I try and keep up to date with the latest trends, but I can't say I follow it avidly.

F Word: Do the trends you see out-there influence how you dress? Laura Gwyneth: Not massively. The most important thing is that I feel comfortable and I feel like I'm dressed like myself.

F Word: How is your relationship with social media? Laura Gwyneth: I have an up & down relationship with Instagram, I've massively enjoyed my breaks from it, but its such a tool for a model.

F Word: Do you think life was simpler before Instagram? Laura Gwyneth: Yes! Yes! and Yes!

F Word: The two things you would take to a desert island: Laura Gwyneth: My kitty and a book of Sudoku puzzles.

F Word: If you could have dinner with two talents who are dead or alive, who would they be, and why? Laura Gwyneth: Derren Brown, because I would love to know all his secrets & Nujabes because I think he was a musical genius.

F Word: The one place in the world that you dream of visiting: Laura Gwyneth: Japan.

F Word: Do you have any hobbies? If so, what are they? Laura Gwyneth: Sudoku puzzles, and drawing.

F Word: Something you can't live without: Laura Gwyneth: Mathematics! It's my absolute passion.

F Word: Something the world could totally do without: Laura Gwyneth: Purposefully slow walkers and Donald Trump.

F Word: Are you into politics? What are your thoughts on the current political climate worldwide? Laura Gwyneth: I think it's important to take an interest in politics. Some people don't have the luxury of ignoring what's going on politically as they are so negatively affected by it, so I think everyone should try and educate themselves on whats happening. I think there's a lot of disenchantment towards the establishment which is leading towards a rise of the far right which I find unsettling.

F Word: Best song ever: Laura Gwyneth: Luv(sic) part 4 ft. Shing02 - Nujabes.

F Word: Favourite movie of all times: Laura Gwyneth: Detachment.

F Word: An advice you would give to your younger self: Laura Gwyneth: No one cares if there's hair on your legs.

F Word: A message you would leave for the future generations: Laura Gwyneth: Learn to love your own company.

F Word: Favourite f-word: Laura Gwyneth: Female.

Words: Hugo Fernandes

Photography: Jake Millers

Fashion: Jesse Alexandra

Beauty: Stephanie Turner

All clothing by Burberry


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