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With a want to explore other interests, Ghana born and South London based model Eugene Kwaw entered the modelling world after leaving university. He worked with photographers to build up his portfolio before being scouted by Supa and is now shining bright as one of their latest new faces.

Eugene had a very calming spirit. His infectious energy combined with a calm demeanour made him a pleasure to be around and his connection with the camera was natural and effortless. After a fun day on set, F Word's Bianca Nicole got to get to know a little more about Eugene and his exciting journey so far.

Bianca Nicole: Hey Eugene! Where are you from? Eugene Kwaw: South London & Ghana

B.N: So, how did you get into modelling?

E.K: I developed an interest in modelling when I was in College. I’ve always had a love for clothes and always believed that I could influence people with the way I dress. I also love posing infront of the camera!

B.N: How was your first time on set?

E.K: My first time on set was really exciting, yet different as well in terms of having a makeup artist and stylist doing touch-ups on you to make sure I looked presentable. It was almost as if I was in a different world! Everyone allowed me to be myself which I feel is very important when you go on set. I got to meet influential people who have been in the business for years. I used this opportunity to get advice and suggestions on how I can improve myself everyday and succeed in the industry. I can only thank God for placing me in this position!

Eugene wears jacket and trousers THE RAGGED PRIEST; shoes JEFFERY WEST

B.N: Sounds so exciting! What is the best piece of advice you got?

E.K: Definitely was! The best piece of advice that I got is to trust the process, it’s a marathon not a race. Wherever I am I should be myself and not be shy and nervous just be you! Something that I would say I improved rapidly on because I can get shy at times [laughs]! I have to remain positive all the time.

B.N: That is lovely advice! It must have worked because we have created some beautiful pictures today!

E.K: Yeah the pictures are looking great! The style is very unique and different to what I would normally wear. The experience is broadening my fashion sense for sure!

B.N: [Laughs] unique is the word! Snake print sequin trousers aren't for more people but you pulled it off!

E.K: They were comfortable to wear as well I can’t lie!

B.N: How would describe your personal style in three words?

E.K: The three words I would describe my personal style is casual, classy and effortless.

Eugene wears suit ASOS; Necklace CHAINED AND ABLE; shoes DOC MARTENS

B.N: Who’s style do you admire and why?

E.K: I admire Travis Scott style the most at the moment, the way he puts his style together is effortless and not forced at all. Very creative as well!

B.N: Yes, his style is amazing! He works with some amazing brands. What brands would you like to model for in the future?

E.K: Yeah his concepts are very good! The brands that I would like to model for in the future are Daily Paper, Luis Vuitton, Zara & Hugo Boss. There are so many brands that I would like to model for in the future but those are the brands that I have my eye on the most!

B.N: Yessss I love them! Definitely some of my favourites. Where is the first place you are jetting off to after lockdown?

E.K: Definitely Portugal in the Summer with my guys! There’s a festival going on around that time called Rolling Loud! That would be the perfect getaway to enjoy ourselves and clear our heads during these stressful times.

B.N: Yes, I totally agree! I feel we all need it. What music are you listening to at the moment?

E.K: Airplane Mode ft NSG

Eugene wears hat MY ACCESSORIES; suit & shirt ASOS; shoes JEFFERY WEST

B.N: What is the the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

E.K: Oh my! I remember there was a time I went to Ibiza with my boys for Merky Festival. As time went by it got so hot and where we were everyone was so close together. As it got hot I felt so dizzy - I didn’t have a drink either so i lacked sugar or even water to keep me hydrated. I left with my friend as soon it was about to end, as soon as I got out the exit I fainted in front of everyone! I fainted twice, I even think I fell on someone at one point - I couldn’t really walk on my right knee for the rest of the trip because the way I fell was so bad! The Medical team came on to give me a bin bag to throw up in and to drink a cup of Coca- Cola because iI was low on sugar. Big shout out to my friend for taking care of me that day! [laughs]

B.N: Awww bless you! Sounds like you have amazing friends though!

E.K: Yeah for sure!

B.N: So What is your favourite F Word?

E.K: My favourite F word has to be Faith!

Eugene wears shirt ARAY; trousers TWISTED TAYLOR; ; shoes JEFFEY WEST; hat MY ACCESSORIES

Eugene wears jacket THE RAGGED PRIEST

Eugene wears suit ASOS; Necklace CHAINED AND ABLE; shoes DOC MARTENS

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