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Lithuanian model Agnė Kaminskaitė is the new face we think is one to watch. As an aspiring stylist, modelling has been the window into the fashion world, where she has has been gaining a rich, first-hand account, along with creating connections.

After spending the day shooting with F Word favourite Kid Circus, we found out a bit more about all that is Agnė!

F WORD: How did you begin modelling?

AGNE KAMINSKAITE: I’m from Lithuania, I began modelling for my photographer friends and mainly still do freelance modelling.

FW: What is your favourite part of your job?

AK: Meeting and connecting with wonderful creatives and working on various projects. I tend to do styling and assisting, whenever I have more time, as I’m building my portfolio towards that as well.

FW: Who inspires you the most and why?

AK: Films have always been a source of inspiration for me, transporting me to worlds both familiar and unknown, and opening my eyes to new perspectives and possibilities. The power of storytelling through the medium of film has captivated me, and the ability to convey complex emotions and ideas through visual and auditory means has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. In particular, the works of visionary directors such as David Lynch and Gaspar Noe have deeply resonated with me, pushing me to think beyond traditional cinematic conventions and challenge myself creatively. Their fearless approach to filmmaking, unafraid to explore taboo subjects and evoke intense emotions, has left an indelible mark on my artistic point of view.

FW: Are there any changes you'd like to see in the fashion industry? AK: The fashion industry has made progress in recent years, but there is still much that could be done such as taking into consideration consumer behaviour, which is driven by consumer demand. Encouraging consumers to make more sustainable choices, whether through education, incentives, or regulation, could help to drive meaningful change in the industry.

FW: Describe your style in one word? AK: Noir

FW: What's your favourite fashion era and why? AK: Personally, the current fashion era as it is characterised by a mix of vintage-inspired styles, sustainable practices, and an emphasis on comfort and individuality.

FW: Some advice you would tell your younger self? AK: Looking back on my younger self, I realise that I was quite rebellious and focused on breaking rules rather than being present in the moment. Now, I’m only starting to recognize the value of appreciating and listening more. I understand that by being fully present, I can experience life more deeply and connect more meaningfully with those around me.

FW: What do you like to do in your spare time?

AK: I simply love just going for walks and exploring the city.

FW: What would be your dream brand or collaboration to work with?

AK: I adore so many amazing brands and a few of these would be MISBHV or Han Kjøbenhavn.

FW: What is your favourite F-word?

AK: F is for Fantasy

FW: What is your biggest fantasy?

AK: A fantasy to escape from the mundane reality and chaos of everyday life to a place of beautiful tranquillity. And some desired fantasies will remain for me [laughs].


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