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A lover of the great outdoors and up-cycling, Jane is the easygoing, genuine and captivating new face from Bethnal Green to have emerged onto the modelling scene with XDIRECTN. Scouted at a car boot sale, you can find Jane embracing latex masks and leather for music videos.

F Word's Joseph Parker got the opportunity to style, shoot and have a chat with Jane and we are certain she is one to watch.


Joseph Parker: How did you find the shoot? Did you have fun?

Jane: Joe was super charming, and the clothes were fabulous, and I enjoyed it very much.

JP: What’s been your best experience in the crazy fashion world?

J: I haven’t had much experience, but I recently took part in a music video where I had to wear a latex mask and dress in leatherwear. The set was quite ‘satanic” with the room lit up just with candlelight. The experience was interesting to say the least!

JP: How did you become a model?

J: I went to a car boot sale and was having coffee with a friend and this guy came and sat next to us and asked me if I would be interested in doing some modelling and that’s how it started.

JP: Did you ever think you’d become a model?

J: I thought about it in the past but as you get older it feels as if you become invisible.

LEFT Jane wears sunglasses BURBERRY @YOOX


JP: Did you ever compare yourself to others?

J: I think that everyone does at some stage in their lives and perhaps I did this more when I was younger.

JP: You mention that you have kids? What’s it like being a model and a mother? What are their thoughts?

J: My kids are grown up now and they find it amusing and like it in a way. They’re always coming up with new ways to tease me about it!

JP: What do you think of the looks? Would you wear any of these yourself?

J: I liked all the looks and in particular the Balenciaga jacket, but sadly they're all out of my price range.

JP: Tell us something that we wouldn’t expect. Anything at all.

J: I really don’t like seeing anything go to waste and recently I’ve been making lamps from beautiful Mexican Tequila bottles which would otherwise have been thrown away.

Jane wears top GIVENCHY; trousers & shoes BOTTEGA VENETA & necklace worn as bracelet BALENCIAGA; all at @YOOX

JP: What is your worst nightmare?

J: It would be losing any of my children before my time.

JP: What is your dream come true?

J: I’d love to transform derelict green spaces in London to help young people who haven’t had it easy in life and give them the opportunity to experience the outdoors and to feel the satisfaction from growing things and being out in the open.

JP: What is the best decision you ever made?

J: I’ve made a few good decisions but I’m still waiting for the best one…

JP: What do you do besides modelling?

J: I work part-time in a secondary school as an art technician.

JP: Would you ever consider modelling full time?

J: I’d love to model full time and get fashion show experience and hopefully make more contacts within the fashion world.

JP: Who or what are what are you currently inspired by?

J: What I find inspiring is the way young people now can do many different things and seem to have more opportunities to express themselves. It also seems tough to constantly be looking for the next big break but they are more adaptable and inventive which is inspiring.

Jane wears top PACO RABANNE; skirt on top KIKO KOSTADINOV; skirt underneath & shoes BALENCIAGA

JP: What is your favourite fragrance?

J: I like Vetiver Eau de Toilette by Guerlain. It’s for men but I love it.

JP: What is your worst fragrance?

J: Any overpowering body sprays.

JP: Where will we you find you after work or at the weekend?

J: At the weekend if the weather is good, I like to go to the coast or I’m at home with one or all of my children or grandchildren.

JP: Who is your favourite musician and why?

J: Bob Marley because he was an inspirational, peace-loving man.

JP: If you win the lottery what is the first thing you will buy?

J: A lot of plane tickets to Mexico or the Caribbean.

JP: What’s your favourite F word?

J: For fuck’s sake!

Jane wears top PACO RABANNE @YOOX


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