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Adam Odonkor, also known as Gemini Candid, is the new name F Word has had the pleasure of working with from Profile Model Management. This Brixton based artist is both a model and a musician, shooting with big brands like Dickies by day and rapping, drumming, and producing by night. Read on to hear the chat Lessie McCarthy had with Adam, discussing Covid, skateboarding, idols and of course: Gemini Candid’s budding career in the creative industry.

Lessie McCarthy: Hey Adam how are you?

A.O: I’m really good thanks.

L.M: So how Long have you been modelling?

A.O: I’d say about 2 years now.

L.M: Any highlights that spring to mind in the last 2 years?

A.O: Probably Dickies, because I skate init so I love Dickies.

L.M: Oh, you skate?

A.O: Yeah, so it was kind of a dream job.

Adam wears jacket LEVIS; vest KICKERS; top & trousers DICKIES; shoes VANS

L.M: And how long have you been skating for?

A.O: Not that long, probably since I was 18, so about 4 years now, but it’s been very on and off.

L.M: Do you have a favourite clothing brand?

A.O: Wow jheez that’s a mad question, but probably Dickies I would say.

L.M: How did you get into modelling?

A.O: I had a lot of people telling me to get into it because I had the face and the height for it, so one time I was in Manchester, and I thought f*ck it and just went into an agency. I was at Uni at the time, and I needed something else to do rather than just typical Uni stuff.

L.M: Ah I get you. So, what were you studying at Uni?

A.O: I was doing a music performance course.

Adam wears top KICKERS; trousers DICKIES

L.M: Wow very cool! And regarding your music career, when did you know you wanted to be a musician?

A.O: Wow, well I’ve always wanted to be a musician since I was young, and I’ve always played drums and piano, but I never thought I’d be doing it like I’m doing it now with all the rapping and producing. This has all been a new thing for me in like the past 2 years.

L.M: What inspires your music?

A.O: A lot of inspiration comes from Santan Dave, Lord Apex, AJ tracey and lots of underground artists I would say.

L.M: If you could describe the vibe of your music in 3 words, what would those words be?

A.O: I would say: chilled, hip and experimental.

L.M: And tell me what kind of music is it that you make?

A.O: Mainly Hip-hop but like its quite different. A lot of people say it is a bit indie, but then there’s a bit of Jazz and Soul in the mix. It’s got a lot of different aspects to it.

L.M: Have you ever played for a live audience?

A.O: Yeah of course! Mainly on drums but I have done one performance to a crowd where I was rapping.

L.M: Wow, was that scary?

A.O: Yeah (laughs), big time.

L.M: Are you a solo artist or part of a group?

A.O: At the moment I’m a solo artist yeah, but I do play with people as well as a session musician.

L.M: Did Covid affect your modelling or music career positively or negatively?

A.O: Modelling wise, very negatively. It has been ages since I’ve had a modelling job. Things were going on a roll before, then as soon as Covid happened everything just went crash. But on the other hand, with music, I have made so much music it’s been great.

L.M: Wow really? I’ve heard in other cases that Covid has sucked the inspiration out of some artists, so did you not find that to be the case?

A.O: Nah, when I make music, I like to just sit with it, so being in lockdown I had the freedom to do that.

L.M: If you could meet any model and any musician just to say hi, who would you choose?

A.O: That’s cool that’s cool. Ok solo artist I would have to choose either Kendrick Lamar or J COLE. And then models wise I would say Evan Mock. He’s sick and he’s a skateboarder!

L.M: Ok Adam you’re on your final question, what is your favourite F - word?

A.O: Ooo, ok I’m gonna say Freaky.

Adam wears jacket & shoes TIMBERLAND; top ASOS; trousers DICKIES

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