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Actor, writer, singer, songwriter - is there anything that multi-hyphenated creative Nicôle Lecky can't do?! With numerous strings to her bow, F Word had a lot to chat to this one-woman band about from her written and performed six-part series MOOD for the BBC, her inspirations, and much more. She's empathetic and not afraid to express herself, and we're super excited to see what she's got coming out next!

OPENING IMAGE Nicole wears one-piece JUICY COUTURE

Maisie Jane Daniels: Hey Nicole, how are you today?

Nicole Lecky: I am feeling good thank you!

MJD: Did you enjoy your shoot at F Word? How do you find that aspect of your job, I guess you’re used to being behind a camera!

NL: I had such a sick time with the team. There was such a clear vision that I just got to relax and have fun with it. I’m used to being behind the camera, but it’s definitely a lot easier when you really trust the people you’re shooting with.

MJD: How did you get into acting?

NL: I started out acting really young as a child, I was singing and dancing at a local theatre school. Then when I was leaving school, my drama teacher planted the seed that I could do it as a profession.

MJD: If you weren’t acting, what do you think you’d be doing?

NL: I went to Kings College University for about 6 months doing war studies and at one point I thought about a career in the UN or something. Like a human rights lawyer!

MJD: Do you ever find it hard to detach from the character you’re playing at the time?

NL: You do get really invested in who you play, as you always need to be able to empathise or at least understand why your characters do what they do. I’m even more invested when I also write them!

MJD: Have you faced any challenges being a female in your industry?

NL: You will face barriers or resistance should I say, at times because of being a female and particularly a female of colour. I have experienced that but I don’t let it stop me.

Nicole wears jacket & short co-ord VERSACE JEANS; boots STEVE MADDEN; charm necklace MINT VELVET

MJD: Do you have any advice for young aspiring female actors?

NL: I found joining a theatre school to be a great way to both meet actors, a lot of the people I met there are my friends working in the industry to this day. We always look out for each other and also improving your craft is a great way to build confidence.

MJD: Who inspired you to get into acting?

NL: Julia Roberts and Toni Collette. I watched a lot of their movies as a kid and they’re both super talented.

MJD: Let’s talk about your 6-part series ‘Mood’! Can you talk us through what it’s all about? NL: Mood is about Sasha a weed smoking, troubled aspiring singer, who gets kicked out of the family home and ends up living with an influencer and things are not what they seem. It’s told in part through the songs Sasha sings.

MJD: What are your personal views on social media?

NL: It depends on the situation. It can be a really great way to connect with people but at the same time, it also highlights a lot of anxiety for a lot of people. So I try and use it as consciously as possible.

MJD: How close in character are you and Sasha? NL: We’re similar in that we’re both from East London and also I sing too! But otherwise not super similar but I definitely empathise with the things she goes through.

Nicole wears top & jeans LAVELRAIL; shoes STEVE MADDEN

MJD: Do you find you draw from personal experiences?

NL: I will draw from my own experiences when it relates but largely I find speaking with other people and seeing things happening in the world is a big enough resource!

MJD: You are certainly a multifaceted artist: you’ve written, acted, and even showcase your music in Mood. Has making music always been a passion of yours?

NL: I have also sung from a young age and was in various choirs, and performances where I sang. I find expressing myself through music is another outlet that showcases something else.

MJD: You worked with some of the UK’s freshest music artists and producers in Mood- how was that?

NL: I love being in the studio. I think Mood was such a different offering for producers and songwriters that people were excited to be a part of it. Creating the music for Mood was some of the best times I had whilst making the show.

MJD: And little bird tells me you’re releasing your own music soon- that’s exciting! What can we expect from it?

NL: I am super excited to be back in the studio but I can’t really say anymore. Just that it’s not the same sound as Mood, as that was a character. This is just for me.

LEFT Nicole wears corset top & jeans JUICY COUTURE; jewellery STYLIST'S OWN; shoes STEVE MADDEN


MJD: How different is the process of writing a song from that of writing a script?

NL: In some ways not so different as you’re creating a story and trying to say something and connect with people or an audience. I think structurally they are different but once you understand what makes a good script or song then it’s all about the vibe.

MJD: Let’s do a quick fire (you might notice a common theme!) MJD: What’s your mood today:

NL: 10/10

MJD: What makes you moody:

NL: When I’m hungry!

MJD: If you had to stay in one mood for the rest of your life, what would it be: NL: A chill mood.

MJD: What are you currently working on? Is there anything juicy we should know about?

NL: I’m back in the studio and having a dope time and writing a script at the moment but I can’t say what for - yet…

MJD: And finally, what’s your favourite F- word?


Nicole wears denim coat LAVELRAIL; sunglasses JADED; boots STEVE MADDEN


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