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Step into the vibrant world of MELLER's 2024 campaign, where diversity and individuality takes center stage in a groundbreaking twist. Rather than opting for a single face, MELLER embraces inclusivity by inviting individuals from all walks of life to audition for their iconic sunnies. What's unique about this approach? The audition process itself becomes the campaign, reflecting MELLER's commitment to embracing all shapes and shades.

Meet the eight captivating characters who have taken the spotlight in MELLER's latest campaign. From "The Irish Dancer" to "The Hair Dyer" and "The Tongue Sharper," each contestant brings their unique talents to the forefront, all under the guise of enigmatic numbers and playful aliases. Unbeknownst to them, they've already been chosen to represent the brand.

Gone are the days of shade-throwing and rivalry. Instead, MELLER's campaign is a celebration of individuality and flair. It's a testament to the belief that with MELLER, there's a perfect pair of shades for every persona. In a realm where uniqueness reigns supreme, the sight of eight heads adorned with MELLERs proves that diversity is not only celebrated but cherished.

MELLER's latest collection boasts 15 bio-based silhouettes, each a testament to the brand's commitment to sustainability and style. From timeless all-black and brown to refreshing newcomers like ocean and forest hues, there's a shade for every taste.

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