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MEET&GREET WITH ERIC ELLISON words Sophie Emmett - photography Lynn Hayleigh - fashion Bianca Nicole

Eric Ellison is the Beltsville-born model whose move from the United States to London was motivated by his desire to come, see, and conquer the modelling scene in Europe. With a strong and unique look, Ellison has relocated to London and while he is in town, we had the chance to chat with him in order to find out more about his upbringing, modelling, and more.

Sophie Emmett: Hey Eric; how are you doing? Eric Ellison: I'm doing really good.

S.E: So we actually met at Paris Fashion Week men’s back in June; do you remember that? Where you there for shows? E.E: Yes, I do remember. I was there attending shows and I walked for Kid Super. I think I had just attended the Sankuanz show right before I met you at the Pieces Uniques showroom.

S.E: Was that your first time in Paris? E.E: Yes. I’ve always wanted to go to Paris so being there and walking was very special for me.

S.E: You are originally from the U.S, right? Where exactly? E.E: I am originally from Beltsville, Maryland. It’s like a chilled very laid back suburb type of vibe.

S.E: What’s your favorite thing about Beltsville and what are you missing the most? E.E: My favorite thing about there is my family and that’s also what I am missing the most.

S.E: How did you get into modelling? E.E: A co-worker of mine was dating a model scout and she liked my look and here we are! Friends used to say I should model but I didn’t really take it seriously until she scouted me.

Eric wears coat MMRMS STUDIO; waistcoat ACIA; bodysuit MATILDA ABERG; trousers ASOS

S.E: How has the modelling journey been thus far? E.E: It has had its highs and lows just as any career path does. I am thankful for all the opportunities God has given me but I still have a lot of goals to tackle within this industry.

S.E: Favorite and least favorite shoot so far? E.E: Favorite shoot would be my shoot for Vogue Italia. I was on set with my best friend and the photographer, Mimi, is a visionary! Least favorite shoot would have to be any shoot that lacks organization.

S.E: Has modelling been everything you expected it would be? E.E: Somewhat. I know that this industry has high expectations which is fine because I have high expectations for myself. So I think we - the industry and myself - are able to understand each other because I do see the high expectations and I see that in myself.

S.E: How does modelling in the US compare to Europe? E.E: In my experience, modelling in the US has been a little more traditional in terms of the looks that were getting booked. You’ll have 1 guy (if any at all) with locs in the shows and I think Europe has embraced my locs and look more. I find Europe to be miles ahead of the US when it comes to diversity and more unique or even quirky looks for the runway. In the US things are very commercially driven which means the designers tend to stick to the formula that has been working for decades.

S.E: You are currently living in London, right? What’s the best thing about this city? E.E: The best thing would have to be the architecture. I love how London’s history is represented in the detailed exterior of the buildings.

S.E: What brought you to the decision to move here? E.E: I was ready for a change and felt that NYC was a good launching pad but wasn’t the only place I saw myself living full time.

Eric wears top and trousers KAI ZHAN; shoes PALLADIUM

S.E: Where else in Europe would you like to visit? E.E: I would love to visit Berlin, Amsterdam, and Ibiza. It seems like people over here go there pretty frequently and it isn’t much of a hassle to get to.

S.E: What city is more fashionable to you, NYC or London? E.E: I think both are very fashionable in their own ways. New York has a completely different way of looking and executing fashion, the pace is set by a more commercial look while in London you feel like conceptual fashion is a big thing. Designers will freely and openly use the runway as a launchpad for their crazy unique ideas. So both cities are special in their own way. Not necessarily competing but complementing the industry with what they bring.

S.E: What fashion trend are you hating at the moment? E.E: Multi-colored hair and thong sandal heels. [Laughs]

S.E: Which brand would you love to be the face of or walk the catwalk for? E.E: CDG.

Eric wears jacket and trousers MAYYA AGAYEVA; shoes ASOS

S.E: Wonderful. Let's do a quickfire round.

S.E: Complete the sentence: You will know you’ve made it when... E.E: I wake up in the sun, in Saint Laurent.

S.E: Last meal would be... E.E: Middle Eastern food.

S.E: A song that best describes your love life: E.E: NASA by Ariana Grande.

S.E: Cats or dogs? E.E: Dogs.

S.E: Favorite Season: E.E: Fall.

S.E: Favorite piece of clothing: E.E: My Dickies jumpsuit.

S.E: A celebrity crush: E.E: Rihanna.

S.E: If you could fly anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? E.E: Chicago.

S.E: If you were to be born in any other era, when would it be? E.E: Definitely, the 1960’s.

S.E: How do you want to be remembered? E.E: As a man who never settled for mediocrity.

Eric wears coat MMRMS STUDIO; waistcoat ACIA; bodysuit MATILDA ABERG; trousers ASOS

Eric wears top KAI ZHAN

Eric wears top and trousers ACIA

Eric wears denim two-piece LEE


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