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Jack Thorpe at Storm is the multifaceted model that you have to meet! Born in Chelmsford, this Essex boy has a dance and modelling career thats taken him around the world. With a thirst for the unknown and a taste for adventure, Jack isn’t stopping anytime soon as he starts on his latest venture into music.

F Word’s editor-in-chief, Maisie Daniels, had a good old chin wag after a fun day in the sun and got to find out a bit more about this cheeky chappie’s first modelling job (it's a good one!), travelling the world and much more.

Maisie Daniels: Heya Jack, how are you today?

Jack: Very good thank you!

MD: How long have you been modelling for? J: About 3-4 years

MD: And how did you get scouted?

J: It’s quite funny… this story got picked up by the Daily Mail recently. I went to a dance casting a week early because I was unorganised and this was one of my first few castings, I was still at college. I had no idea what the casting was for and I got an email one hour later telling me I'd booked it and it was for the Missoni catwalk for London Fashion Week, so that's how it all began! And then I was scouted in Rokit for their campaign shoot. And then got signed with an agency.

MD: How did you find walking for Missoni, I bet it was a bit daunting?

J: Yeah, as a first job and I was used to moving, like really moving since doing dance and choreography, to then just walking… I didn’t quite get it [laughs]

MD: So you mention dancing… is this your main background? J: Yeah! My background is dancing but I treat that as a language. My first language that I tried to learn with 8 years practice and training that’s gone into it.

MD: What kind of dancing? J: I was classically trained so Ballet, Jazz and Tap!

MD: And how old were you when you started? J: I started quite late. I was raised “football, football, football” from my Dad and my Mum. So it wasn’t until I was 14/15years old and then at 18 I went to Bird College to train professionally and do 52 hours a week.

Jack wears t-shirt LIAM HODGES X NIKE; jeans LIAM HODGES; bag KARA; shoe DR.MARTENS

MD. Do you think your background in dancing has had any influence on your modelling?

J: 100%. In terms of knowing where your body is, how to position it, which is everything. You can tell how someone is feeling, are they slouched? I’m leaning forward because I’m involved, I’m interested. So yeah, it’s definitely helped me out being confident in the body that I’m in.

MD: And what would you say has been your proudest modelling moment?

J: Ohhhh, I need to think about that. I think it would probably be… I don’t want it to be about the money… but it would have been the support that it gave me to do the work that I do. I didn’t grow up with loads, I never had any handouts, no pocket money. I’m very fortunate to have been raised in Essex, Chelmsford but when I first got that big pay cheque I felt free and it was a doorway that could lead me to other things. I felt free. And it allowed me to have time, and that was the biggest thing, it allowed me to have time to lean more and do more.

MD: Any outrageous modelling moments?

J: There’s definitely a few there [laughs]. Some uncomfortable moments… comments. That all comes with it, for sure!

MD: Tell me about your upbringing? We know that you are an Essex boy!

J: Yeah, I was born in Essex. But it’s a funny one as, as much as I know it’s home for me, I always felt that I needed to get out of there. A lot of my friends are still there, family’s still here, same neighbours, same shops… everything is very settled and I’m a person who likes change. The unknown excites me. I’d rather not know what’s coming and that’s why I like this industry so much!

M.D: Everyday is different

J: Exactly

MD: Are your parents supportive?

J: Yeah, I can’t lie! I’m super, super lucky in that area. When I went into dancing/ modelling they never really questioned it.

MD: Do they keep all your pictures?

J: [laughs] Yeah, they keep all the magazines. My Mum likes to share the stuff on Facebook of course!

Jack wears glasses GENTLE MONSTER; shirt and trousers DICKIES; bag LIAM HODGES; satchel DR. MARTENS

MD: Cute! Any siblings? J: Yeah, an older brother, he’s a businessman. So quite different! When I first got into the creative industry it was a leap into the unknown. Especially my Nan’s and Aunt’s and Uncle’s, they have been asking over over the past few years “what are you going to do when that stops?” And I don’t need to think about when it’s going to stop, I need to think about what’s coming next. No stop, it’s a progression going forward and that’s when music comes in.

MD: Yes! So tell me about your music!

J: All started from the bedroom of course. Bedroom music first… and that’s what I want to do, that’s what I want to show.

MD: Where do you find your inspiration? J: Everywhere. Nostalgia is probably the biggest thing for my music at the moment, especially coming from the cross-over era where we didn’t have mobile phones, we didn’t have social media. To this big change of having that and being connected all the time and I really miss the sweet, middle point of where we used to be a lot more care-free. Things were simpler.

MD: And how do you feel about social media?

J: Bitter-sweet for sure. It’s great for people to express, very easy to get caught up in, and very hard to not compare yourself to the next slide, person…

MD: Do you use your platform to showcase your music, dance and modelling?

J: Yeah, I do. If I’m honest, I’m trying to restrict that. I’m trying to not put too much out there and give too much away.

MD: You’ve got an EP coming out in October?

J: Yeah!

MD: And how do you feel about giving that out to the world?

J: The thing that I really want to give out is performance. As much as I want to give the music, the visuals and what people would like to see, I have a lot to give on stage. So I’m waiting for Covid to end, I’m waiting to get rehearsing.

MD: I guess it must have been nice to have this time in lockdown to focus on the EP and now we are coming out of it all you can go out with a bang! J: Exactly. I think having these 2-3 lockdowns has been great for creativity but stressful for the mind because you’re almost imprisoned. Same place, same faces, you can carry problems [with you] that weren’t a problem before Covid.

Jack wears shirt and tie GOLDSMITH VINTAGE; jeans BURBERRY; socks BURLINGTON; belt VINTAGE

MD: I think that’s a big thing for a lot of artists, sharing your music with others and seeing their reactions. And for you too, to have a release and get those moves out!

J: Yeah! That’s the thing, music is a big release for me, same as dance was, and it was also therapy for me. It’s a language, it’s expressions, transcending movement into language and feeling… I loved it! And that’s what I wan’t to do with music. If I can have that conversation with people through a song, and make them move, that’s beautiful.

MD: Ah, I love that about music. Even if it’s terrible Dad-dancing (i.e. me!) The way music makes people start to move, it’s amazing J: Yeah! And that’s what I love. And coming from a dance background, I don’t want to see someone dance perfectly, and when people ask me “what’s the best thing you’ve seen?” It’s in a club with someone dancing who doesn’t care… they’re free! And you can go and see that for free!

MD: I love that! What would be your dream modelling job?

J: Erm… I think the dream would be to collaborate with a like-minded brand. To output the correct things, the right type of production.

MD: You’ve got a great sense of style! Where does that come from?

J: Awh, thanks. I reckon it comes from my Grandads. They’re all tailors and very much into clothes and lots of hand-made things. And my other Grandad was big into Carpentry, so I got that inspiration and creative energy from there. I wear my Grandad’s hats, I never really knew him either, so kind of in conjunction with the music… I will be playing an alter-ego that has influence from my older relatives because of the experiences that they were going through and the times they were in.

MD: I’m sensing you’re a second-hand shopper?! J: Yeah! Charity shops and vintage through-and-through. I will also alter clothes that I don’t think fit me properly. I’ve got a sewing machine at home and I’m learning along the way. I guess it’s making it more personal to yourself.

MD: Not to mention it’s sustainable which is what we want to hear! Has modelling allowed you to travel a lot? J: Yeah I’ve been very lucky! Barcelona, Vietnam, Spain, Germany, Amsterdam. More Europe but slowly going outside.

MD: Dream location?

J: L.A or New York.

MD: We’re manifesting that now for you!

J: [laughs] definitely.

MD: What was your last played song?

J: [laughs] Really?! You want to know?

MD: Yeah! More so now...

J: Daily Duppy by Digga D! It’s a Drill artist!

MD: That’s a mouthful, I don’t know it! J: Hang on…

*Jack play’s song*

MD: It’s a lively one! And finally, what’s your favourite F-word?

J:in Funk!

Jack wears necklace and earring; PUBLISHED BY; top LENA-MARIE ZÖCHMEISTER


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