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A short while ago, a small group of students (aged between 12 and 13 years old) engaged in the enrichment group 'Crafting a Sustainable Future'. This project is funded by Westminster City Council and is run by Ms Skinner, Teacher of Art at MBS and fashion designer, Florence Grellier. The focus of the project is to educate the students and local community about sustainability within fashion, whilst unlocking creativity and having some fun along the way.

F Word's Editor-in-Chief Maisie Daniels was asked to come along and meet the students, show them an insight into the world of fashion, and set some tasks. Having asked the students to come up with questions surrounding fashion and to interview each other, an interesting debate emerged with two students (Amir and Egon) about whether ripped jeans are cool or not...the outcome it’s yet to be decided!

She also asked them to write down all the F-words they could think of. And whilst many instantly giggled, thinking of the "naughty" word beginning with "f", we feel the the most fitting word for this feature has to be, well, Future.

Read below the students interviews and see the garments they've individually made from re-used materials.

Amir (12yrs): What’s your favourite item of clothing and why?

Asa-ray: Jorts, cargos and baggy jeans because they’re trendy.

Ricky: My favourite clothing is a snowflake necklace as it symbolises my character and a black jumper as I just generally like how it looks.

De-Jhard (13yrs): What is your view on wasting fabric?

Egon (12yrs): Fast fashion is people benefitting off business [and] making money off peoples insecurities.

Asa-ray (12yrs): Why do you wear what you wear?

Ricky (12yrs): I wear what I wear because I like expressing myself in a different way than usual .

Asa-ray: Are your clothes sustainable?

Ricky: Definitely not because the prices have gone up so I have been forced to buy from cheaper brands.

Ricky: How does style impact your emotions?

Asa-ray: Fashion has the ability to make me happy, if I’m sad it can make me happy.

De-Jhard: What is your style?

Egan: I don’t really have one but I like sport.

Ricky: Do you think sustainability will become more of an impact on the fashion industry?

Asa-ray: I have mixed mixed feeling as many brands preach to sustainability but are not sustainable, as one option the brand is sad but people are happy, or the opposite.

What’s your favourite F Word?

Amir: Friends

Asa-ray: Fashion

De-Jhard: Faceless

Egon: Football bed

Ricky: Fundamental

The students artwork will be displayed in Paddington Station (between platform 8 & 9) from Monday 10-Thursday 13 July from 7.00am-10.00pm. The grand opening will take place on Monday 10 July at 3.30pm.


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