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Paris-based designer Ludovic de Saint Sernin has quickly become a sensation in the fashion realms, with collections that are effortlessly beautiful and that perfectly merge minimalism, sensuality, and a precise craftsmanship. Formerly part of the Balmain house, Ludovic starter his namesake eponymous label just a year ago, and since then, the designer has easily captivated and enchanted us with his exquisite take to gender-fluid fashion.

After his debut season showing in Paris, Saint Sernin gained more confidence and courage to push the boundaries even further; his Autumn/Winter'2018 collection is surreal and poetic from start to finish and drew inspiration from distant memories of Salvador Dalí’s melting clocks in The Persistence of Memory. Each garment is designed to explore and celebrate the body with a subtle hint of sensuality that can simply elevate the whole collection. For AW'18, Ludovic has displayed a great deal of talent when it comes to re-fashioning garments, like the gorgeous blue corduroy trench from Hermès seconds.

Autumn/Winter'18 sees an array of beauty and art turned into fashion like the ceramic egg holder to be worn on the shoulder and the red ceramic wrestling outfit and even though it isn't really practical to wear, the ceramic singlet is still a statement within the collection and a show-stopper. Following on the same cutting-edge fashion forward direction, the asymmetrical white suit is stunning and explores the male body in a romantic way while the underwear adds a new layer of sensuality and vulnerability that cannot go unnoticed.

Each and every garment is delicate and luxurious on their own, and it is hard to single out one favorite. The softness of the fine wool, seen in some of the bottoms and scarves, contrast ingeniously with the black leather coats and ceramic garments, yet, the entire collection is cohesive and harmonized to perfection. Ludovic de Saint Sernin is not only creating beauty at an effortless pace but pushing the boundaries of menswear into a sphere where romanticism and tenderness become strong pillars of contemporary design.


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