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New York-based label Linder, founded by Sam Linder and Kirk Millar, channels a rather rare form of experimental, cerebral energy and injects it into contemporary menswear in a breathtaking and heartwarming form. After a season of self-acceptance and knowledge of their inner-self, the New Yorker label introduces us to a Spring/Summer'2019 men's collection that looks at fantasies, legacies, and resilience, all having pure and perfect love as its core.

Beautifully crafted sweaters feature sweet interpretations of drawings from Millar's great-grandmother, which were drawn by her own children and now brought back to life through each garment. Cutouts of flowers from her gardening magazines are seen down the sleeves and used in such a level of respect that admiration and pure awe are stimulated inside us. Also seen throughout is the feeling of companionship and partnership, translated into the "Best Friend" and "Boyfriend" in Millar's handwriting seen on the t-shirts.

In collaboration with the Parisian brand Chapal, Kirk also introduces us to a more indirect message, where wedding-ready guayaberas in leather jackets, bags, shoes, and gloves are elevated by the delicate details. The collection is a large assemble of beautifully designed and crafted pieces that showcase a high level of respect not only for design in itself but the story, thought, and emotions used to recreate these personal and intimate memories. The outcome is a collection that explores and celebrates masculinity in a tender and softened form, taking us into a world of perfect wonder and admiration.

Words: Hugo Fernandes

Photography: Charlie Gates

Fashion: Michael Darlington

Production: Marley Rose


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