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LIAM HODGES X URBAN OUTFITTERS words Hugo Fernandes - images courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Once more we see an emerging British designer with a real heart for what makes Britain, Britain, creating a collection - or a capsule - that explores some of the most remarkable aspects of British culture. This venture into classic ways is becoming a recurrent thing in the fashion industry and shortening the gap between fashion and whatever else is out there.

Football is undoubtedly one of the top five interests when it comes to Brits, and with a track record of victories that has filled the pages of history, football is a passion shared by millions whether in or outside the fashion realms, so; why not bring the two of them together? That seems to be a recipe that will certainly lead to success.

For his latest collaboration with lifestyle retailer Urban Outfitters, London-based designer and streetwear boss, Liam Hodges, is bringing fashion into football in a way only Hodges himself can do. The Kent-born designer is no stranger to the unconventional collaborations that, in the end, turn up being pretty awesome. He has worked with FILA and Boiler Room to create unique collections that represent both his partners and Liam's own aesthetic and signature design approach. With an army of streetwear enthusiasts and young consumers behind him, Hodges brings the Sunday League football into the scene.

Liam and Urban Outfitters unveil an eight-piece capsule made out of reworked vintage clothing - another positive point about the collab as it moves towards less wastage - with Hodges' patchwork signature seen throughout. The collection pays homage to various football personalities that have contributed to making the Sunday League so special and important in British culture. Tees, jackets, and jersey tops come along nicely with the denim trousers and trackie pants. The pieces are cool and innovative in terms of creative direction maintaining that streetwear vibe we all love.

The collection is now available at Urban Outfitters and online.


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