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Women’s clothing and pockets is still a matter of contention, or so I hear. I wouldn’t know; so rarely I leave the house without a large bag filled with ‘essentials’, such as loose socks and half eaten packets of corn cakes. I once tried to get on board with the small, transparent handbag trend, but the pressure to curate my bag based on what other people would think reminded me of why I don’t have my Spotify listening activity set to public (I can happily listen to Will Young knowing that it’s a once a month PMS driven decision, but no-one else knows this!).

Contemporary bag brand Kipling is exciting because it caters for women who are on the move and who want a durable, practical bag that looks effortlessly cool. You know how everyone looks good in a white tank top and jeans? Kipling is the bag version of this.

Kipling’s ethos reflects a new movement; one that celebrates curiosity and playfulness. This ethos isn’t devoid of women stepping into their power by any means, it just accounts for the multitude of varied paths and priorities women have in life. In essence, it supports individuality.

For their Spring 23 collection, Kipling have curated each bag with a new, springtime colour-scheme in mind - think calming blues, lilacs and navies. The bags symbolise new beginnings, hope and positivity and inspire you to go outside and smell the daffodils (unless you have hayfever, in which case admire daisies from afar!).

The bags are made to be used, whether this is for shopping in the city or for a beach trip. And with sustainability being at the heart of the manufacturing process, Kipling doesn’t just care about the consumer, but the environment too. 38% of fabric used is recycled, and solar energy run facilities are used for manufacturing. Whether it’s a small bag, suitcase or a large bag that is lightweight, versatile and can hold your socks, corn-cakes and even your dog, Kipling just might be the brand for you.

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