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Meet Joe T. Johnson, the London-based 'new wave' singer-songwriter on our radar. His latest single, 'Twist,' has captured the hearts of fans, boasting an impressive 30,000+ streams on Spotify. With such fervent support, we anticipate even greater achievements for this rising talent.

F Word invited Joe to share a glimpse into his daily life, offering insight into the making of 'Twist,' his sources of motivation, and his favourite East London bagel spot! Join us as we delve deeper into the world of this indie sensation.

F Word: Hey Joe! If you had to assign a temperature, a colour, and a taste to this single/EP/album, what would they be?

Joe T. Johnson: Ok nice, the temperature would be warm like a refreshing shower, the colour would be daphne blue, and the taste would be like freshly picked raspberries

FW: What was the biggest change you made to the single ‘Twist’ during the writing process?

JT.J: The biggest change would be adding a female vocalist for the hook. Partly inspired by the 'Death in Vagas' track 'Hands Around My Throat' I liked the production style, so tried to imitate this vibe on 'Twist'. I liked the sound of my friend saying "Twist" so we recorded it and made this a permanent feature on the track.

FW: What are you hoping people will take from this song?

JT.J: I hope people enjoy listening and take a sense of fun and playfulness, the same way I had when writing and recording the track.  

FW: What genre could you see yourself experimenting with in the future project?

JT.J: I can already feel myself wanting to experiment with different genres and instrumentation techniques. At the moment I'm obsessed with this Serge Gainsbourg track 'Couleur Café' which has Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz mixed with French Pop. I would like to expand my songwriting by using different instrumentation one day for sure.

FW: If you had to choose one component for a great song/album, what would it be?

JT.J: For me, writing interesting and captivating lyrics is an important component of making a song great.

FE: Out of all the artists featured on F Word, who would you most like to collaborate with?

JT.J: Arlo Parks would be dope. I like her work.

FW: Go to lunch on a studio/writing day?

JT.J: Stoke Newington bagel shop!


FW: Fuck, marry, kill: album, EP, single?

JT.J: Fuck the single, Kill the EP and Marry the Album.

FW: If you had to choose a new career completely outside of anything having to do with music, what would it be?

JT.J: I'd like to open my own bakery, cheese, and wine shop in Paris.

FW: What’s bringing the most joy to your days lately?

JT.J: I'm living a more calm and relaxed life in Stoke Newington, London these days. Trips to the bagel shop, writing songs, and recording at the studio have brought great joy to my days lately.

FW: What’s motivating you the most lately?

JT.J: I feel most motivated when we play a great live show, start working on a new project in the studio, or get creative with my friend Jake Kenny on photography projects.

FW: What advice do you have for yourself for tomorrow?

JT.J: Stay positive, stay focused, and continue to work on my career and personal goals. See criticism as a positive, be grateful for every opportunity, and keep reminding myself how lucky I am. Make sure to spend as much quality time with friends and family.  

FW: The world would be better without ...

JT.J: "smartphones at gigs"

FW: The world would be worse without...

JT.J: "old people still in love"

FW: Do you believe in manifestation?

JT.J: Yes, absolutely!

FW: What is your favourite F Word?

JT.J: Faith 


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