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words Hugo Fernandes - images courtesy of EMI Music Australia

British-born, Australian-based singer-songwriter Odette is someone you should definitely get to know. Her candid and heartwarming music will draw you into your best mood and is something you will easily enjoy. Her debut single, ‘Watch Me Read You’ is just captivating and powerful altogether as she infused it with spoken-word and the best vocals. Known to major players in the music industry, such as MTV, Clash Magazine, and NPR to name a few, Odette is a breath of fresh air in the music realms.

Her latest single, 'Lotus Eaters' is sultry and powerful as once again Odette harmoniously merges spoken-word with the soft sound of the piano. She describes her music as "confusing" and yet, we can't help but feel that her music and lyrics just make sense. It connects on an emotional level and just helps you drift away from reality. The combination of seemingly random ideas and emotions creates tracks that are not only musically beautiful and pleasant to the year but involving and dreamy. We had the pleasure of speaking to her to find out more about her, her music and what inspires her as a creative.

Hugo Fernandes: So, let's start at the beginning. How did you get into music? Odette: My parents were always playing music around the house. My grandfather passed down his love for the piano to my dad who passed it onto me. I got my first upright when I was eight and I’ve been playing it ever since.

H.F: What has been the biggest influence on you as an artist? Odette: It has to be a tie between my own life lessons and working in the studio with producers, having access to a myriad of different sounds.

H.F: And who would your top three artists at the moment be? Odette: Florence and The Machine, Ariana Grande, and Joanna Newsom.

H.F: “Lotus Eaters” is one of those tracks we have to listen on repeat. What is the thought behind it? Odette: There really wasn’t a lot of thought behind it. I wrote it all in one sitting and it just fell out of my brain. I think I just accumulated a lot of repressed feelings over a long period of time and this was the result.

H.F: Both your singles “Watch Me Read You” and “Collide” have reached over 8 million streams altogether. That's impressive! How do you feel when you see your music being listened to so many times? Odette: It’s really weird but very good. It’s nice to know people are listening because who knows what they could be taking away from it. I love to listen to all kinds of bands and I know that it’s usually when I’m feeling a certain way. I’m always curious as to what way people feel when they listen to my songs, or if they feel anything at all.

H.F: How is it working with Damian Taylor? Odette: Wonderful! He’s a very smart and talented individual.

H.F: What is your relationship with social media? Could you live without it?

Odette: Most definitely. I find it a little difficult to keep up with the fast-paced and controlled nature of it. What time to post, who to follow. I like Instagram but that’s about it.

H.F: If you could describe your music in one word, what would that be?

Odette: Confusing.

H.F: How is your relationship with fashion? Do you follow any trends?

Odette: Fashion is fun. But I have no idea of the trends or what goes on out there.

H.F: Favorite place in the world Odette: Kynance Cove, Cornwall.

H.F: England or Australia? Odette: Australia.

H.F: Dream festival (or venue) to play at: Odette: It has to be Glastonbury!

H.F: What is the biggest change you would like to see in the world? Odette: I have literally no idea. There are so many things I could say. I guess I wish everyone, myself included, would be more environmentally aware. I also wish people would stop being blind to our dangerous current political climate and the inhumane things happening right now to immigrants and refugees.

H.F: Describe being young in the 21st Century (how you see it): Odette: We’re broke as hell because entry-level jobs require way too much experience that we don’t have because we can’t get entry-level jobs.

H.F: A song that could describe your day today: Odette: Does Not Suffice by Joanna Newsom.

H.F: If you weren't making music, what would your dream job be? Odette: Probably working with women and children from broken homes and domestic violence situations. Whether that be through foster care or social work. I’m very passionate about that also.

H.F: What is the best thing about Australia and the best thing about England for you? Odette: Australia holds all my memories of childhood and my friends. No matter how terrible things get I can’t be unhappy here. It holds so much love. England has my family and my favorite place on earth, Cornwall.

H.F: Your favorite TV/Netflix series is: Odette: At the moment it’s ‘The Office’. All time it’s definitely ‘30 Rock’.

H.F: Favorite f-word: Odette: Friend

Special thanks to WMA.

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