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There is no doubt that British singer-songwriter Mathilda Homer is a vocal powerhouse. Her style is pop jazz with an alternative soulful narrative; her bittersweet melodies and candid lyrics rival those of Corrinne Bailey Ray, Jorja Smith and Joy Crooks.A humorous quirky lyricist with a soothing voice, Homer has been making waves in the music scene for a long time. F Word sat down with Mathilda to discuss her corker of a new single ‘Rock Bottom’ (which we are sure to be an absolute hit!), the reasons why people stay in sinking relationships and her inspirations.

Charlotte-Rosis Creighton: Hiya Mathilda, how are you doing?

Mathilda Homer: Hey, I’m good thank you. I am currently in the process of moving house and realising how much irrelevant things I’ve managed to conjure up over the last few years...

CC: Tell us a little bit more about your new single 'Rock Bottom'?

MH: We wrote most of 'Rock Bottom’ in 15 minutes! We played a game to challenge ourselves to write a song in 15 minutes and move on. We came up with the chorus, and initially, it was a piano ballad. But as soon as we revisited it, we changed it up to what you hear now.

As soon as we came up with the idea, we knew that it could be a belter. Danny really challenges me with my range and was adamant that I could belt the chorus, and he was right, I could. We finished the song at the end of the week and spent an afternoon dancing to it!

CC: You co-wrote ‘Rock Bottom’, how does your creative process differ when collaborating with another writer?

MH: It was written with some of my favourite people. Matt Maltese and Danny Casio from the production group the six. We were in Manchester and for some reason I feel focused when I’m there. Maybe because there’s fewer distractions; you’re isolated in a house that you stay in and a studio that you work in? It normally starts with chords on the piano and then mumbling words that make themselves lyrics.

CC: It’s such a relatable song. It’s an interesting narrative that we don’t really hear in songs about relationships. Could you tell me a little bit about what inspired you?

MH: I had a boyfriend when I was younger, very much ‘your first love’ kind of relationship. I knew we weren’t right for each other for about a year, but couldn’t bear the thought of breaking his heart, so decided that I’d stay being slightly unhappy for the year instead.

CC: What do you think keeps people in these relationships knowing that it’s over?

MH: Familiarity. Friendship. And I feel like sometimes it’s all you know. You can’t imagine yourself not having that other person. And people say your names as a duo, you can’t remember your name by itself.

CC: Many artists say that they treat songwriting as therapy, is this something you also do?

MH: I seem to write all my problems a few years after they have digested. Which is interesting because to others it may seem as though my songs are about my current emotions, but really they’ve been settling in me for a few years, and then manage to make their way out.

CC: Which other artists inspire you and why?

MH: I have lots of influences. Eva Cassidy is my main one, and I know I always bang on about her, but she truly is my favourite singer. Her voice is like water and takes me somewhere else. I love listening to her in the car.

CC: What can we expect from you in the future?

MH: A heavier sound, back to my routes of when I started writing songs. The kind of music that I would have on my personal playlists. Hopefully an album in the next few years.. and lots of fun shows.


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