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Hoodini, Dynamo, David Copperfield and David Blaine all have something in common but there's no hocus pocus when it comes to rising Afro-fusion star, Magixx. Known for his heartfelt penmanship, witty delivery and stellar vocals, the Mavin Records signee is as smooth on the mic as he is off of it. Days after dropping the music video for his latest single, 'All Over' (taken from his sophmore EP: Atom), the Nigerian singer/songwriter joined F Word's Contributing Music Columnist, Gracey Mae. Read on as they curate the secret formula to fear, fame and fortune.

Gracey Mae: Hi Magixx. Welcome to F WORD. How are you?

Magixx: I'm great. What about you?

GM: I am all the better for seeing you. Let’s start with your name! Where did it come from?

M: I always say I feel like God gave me the name; it’s spiritual. It actually stands for uniqueness and being different. The name came from the word magic. Originally, I was Magic. Then, funny story... I remember being on my couch in my parlor with my sibling and we were watching TV. A song came up and I saw that the name was already taken by someone. Do you remember the song “Why you gonna be so rude?” That was his song. The first thing that came to mind was “Goddamn”, but I'm actually grateful that it happened that way because it made my name perfect. The xx in the name is from my real name: Alexander, making it Magixx.

GM: Do you believe in magic?

M: Yeah, I do. We humans are unexplainable. The fact that we are living all at once and we are connected to one another, it's magic. So life is magic.

GM: Keeping with the theme, what has been the most magical moment of your life so far?

M: Getting signed to Mavin was one of the most magical moments of my life. I can only be grateful… I feel like God really blessed me to be part of this. A lot of people want this opportunity and it’s not like I really got it like on a platter of gold. I've always been putting work from back then. I always do a lot of freestyles and my own music; it’s been a lot of hustle on my own side.

GM: The hustle is real. You built a name for yourself in uni through the shows and freestyles so to see you here is amazing. Eight months ago you dropped your debut EP, (with the same name) ‘Magixx’. What was the rationale behind dropping your new EP, ‘Atom’, so soon afterwards?

M: Right now the game has changed. The level of consumption, and people's attention span… Plus I actually felt it in my soul… it's time. I feel like if I was an independent artist, I would’ve been dropping new music every month. I'm not even capping. In the space of eight months, I was already feeling like, “Oh man, I need to put out new stuff and brand new material”.

GM: Are you the type of artist that writes or records new music every day?

M: So I'm the type of artist that when I start recording, I don't stop. But when I stop, I stop for a month or two months. When I get into recording mode, I just keep recording, I don't stop. That's how I work.

GM: Back to Mavin, tell us all about how you were discovered, the Academy and the months that led to you being Mavin activated.

M: I was discovered on Instagram and through the music that I already released. It happened in March 2020 during the pandemic. It was a symbol of hope for me - not just for me, but also to my guys who were with me. We grinded all through uni - from year one to year four. We were about to start going back home and that was the moment where it was like God was crowning our efforts, like, “You guys didn't work for nothing”. I felt like that was God's blessing at the time. Honestly, being in the academy was a very funny space. We knew we were coming out, and we were excited about the next person going up. Fast forward to when I started recording, I felt a lot of peace. Again, it was in the pandemic so nobody was going out so it also affected the kind of music you make. I remember I was always making music from my heart. It translated to the songs on the first EP all those songs were pandemic vibes. I'm grateful. I don't regret any song that I put out on the first project because it was just perfect. It was perfect for me.

GM: And how has life changed since being announced?

M: Man! Everywhere I go now, issa problem but I’m getting used to it.

GM: Your first project really solidified you as a proper singer. This year, you switched it up and gave us some Amapiano vibes with ‘Chocolate’. How would you describe your sound?

M: I drop music based on how I feel. If I feel like putting out a mellow song, or if I feel like putting out an up tempo song, I can. If I feel it’s time to drop a party song, then I'm gonna drop a party song. If I feel that we should keep dropping my R’n’B/Afro fusion sound, then I'll keep doing that. People are used to me singing mellow but they should also get used to me singing fast because I also do that. It’s going to be based on how I feel from now, or based on where I'm at mentally.

GM: Talk to us about how you were feeling/where you were mentally when you were creating your latest EP, ‘Atom’.

M: I was coming off the success of ‘Overdose’ and ‘Love Don’t Cost A Dime Re-Up’. I could only say “God is doing great things in my life right now, let me just spread the vibes and spread the positivity”. It’s all about pure happiness, it’s all about pure joy. So that was what I put out there on the project. Where I was at… where I’m at right now… I feel grateful, I feel thankful to God so I made my new EP about it. That's what you hear on ‘Shaye’ and ‘Weekenjoyment’. ‘Forever’ is pure love. You know Love is happiness. Love causes happiness, and maybe a little bit of madness.

GM: On the topic of ‘Overdose’ you sing “Omo you dey high me like pami”. So romantically, is there a magical babe in your life right now?

M: Actually, no. I've not been in a relationship for some time. I'm just making love to my music. When I sing, I actually always sing about experiences; most times, it’s past things that I've experienced personally. It doesn't have to be happening currently for me to make music. Sometimes I even watch movies and I get inspired and write songs; people think it’s real. It happens like that sometimes.

GM: I had to ask that question because of our female readers. Back to your brand new EP: ‘Atom’, what was the creation process like and how was it different now that you've blown?

M: Omo, this time around, I can't even lie. I know what people want from me. I also know what I want to give to people. This time, I was more intentional with my delivery and the topics that I touched on. I'm someone that makes intentional music. I don't just go to the studio and sing. I actually think about what I'm trying to achieve before I record a song. I pay attention to more details, even down to the artwork, I was involved in everything.

GM: Since your big break, we’ve had Boy Spyce and Bayanni be announced under Don Jazzy. They’re both men and they both sing!! What do you feel when a new Mavin is activated?

M: I feel like it makes you sit up. I won’t say pressure but it makes you feel like “Oh, I need to make something tough too!” Especially when I'm walking past the studio and I hear a good sound. So it's healthy competition. There’s no bad blood, there’s nobody fighting nobody, there’s no hate. I’m just inspired by them to keep making good music.

GM: Throughout our little chat, you've mentioned God so many times, and I absolutely love it. What is your relationship like with religion and with God?

M: I think God is our intuition. God is the voice that speaks to us when we pray to Him. I'm not very religious, I've not been to church in a long time. I'm not the guy that goes to church every Sunday, but I grew up on Christianity. One thing that has always worked for me is belief - faith in what I do, faith in the higher power and I'm not just here by myself. I was destined to do something, and that's how I view my life. Every step I take, I just know, God is guiding me towards this path. I didn't just wake up one day, and arrive here. I had to go through different turns. During those setbacks, I was actually learning to become who I am now. If I didn't go through the hustle then, maybe I wouldn’t have patience now.

Maybe I wouldn’t have so many characteristics or qualities that I possess now deep inside of me that makes me who I am today. I feel like God is with me through every turn but I’m not a religious guy.

GM: What keeps you motivated?

M: My family first of all; my mom, my siblings and the game. The people that put out music every Friday keep me motivated. God keeps me motivated.

GM: You’ve given us 2 EPs in 10 months. What’s next?

M: I really want my features to drop. You know, I got a couple features. The Mavin at 10 album is coming and I'm on it, I can't wait for that to drop. Just dropped the ‘All Over’ video. I'm in a good place. I really want to tour, I want to come out to the UK to connect with my fans. I just want to be more intentional about this promotion. I’m being intentional but it could be better. Promoting this EP is the most important thing right now. Getting more people to listen to it because it's just four songs, but they're very solid songs. I want people to give me more listening ears than the last EP – that has happened already but more can be done.

GM: Thank you so much for your time. Do you have a final message to your friends, your family and your following?

M: I want to say a big big shout out to you guys. I really appreciate the love and support. It means so much to me. I wouldn't be here without you guys. For everyone that's going through something, just know that it's only going to take time but you're gonna get past it. Life is made of challenges. That’s what makes it life, that's what makes it interesting. At the end of the day, you're going to bounce back from everything so just keep your head in the game and don't give up.

GM: Preach on! This is F WORD. What is your favourite F - word?

M: Favourite F - word? Iono. Maybe, fries [laughs]

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