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Nigerian singer, songwriter, and producer Kemuel is back with a brand new single titled Alone.

Alone is a vulnerable and heartfelt love song that embraces emotive songwriting surrounding how his relocation to Lagos was detrimental to his relationship at the time. This raw honesty, blended with R&B and pop sensibilities, driven by Kemuel’s unforgettable voice, and meticulous melodies makes this single the "perfect aphrodisiac for the soul" as described by Kemuel himself.

F Word's Maisie Daniels got to discuss this not-to-miss single in more detail, his exciting new EP, and his collabroation with African music giants DJ Spinall and Olamade.

Maisie Daniels: Hey Kemuel, welcome to F Word! You are from and currently live in Nigeria - what’s your favourite thing about it?

Kemuel: There’s a lot to draw inspiration from living Nigeria, everyday is a brand new adventure.

MD: Can you describe Alone to our readers?

K: Alone is a song created from a place of vulnerability. I wanted to convey the emotions I was feeling at the time and still make sure to lock down the fusion in the most pop emo way possible. It was super fun making Alone, definitely a must listen!

MD: If Alone was a flavour what would it be and why?

K: Alone would definitely be [a] fine wine! Because of how psychedelic it feels. Perfect aphrodisiac for the soul.

MD: You’ve been very honest about the inspiration behind Alone. Have you found making this record has helped you in any way?

K: In many ways! Alone has done so much for me. Personally, it's helped me gain closure. And on the numbers side, I’ve gained a lot of new listeners and fans over the past month. And it’s so satisfying to learn that they fall in love at first listen. Sometimes I wish I could relive the day I made that record [laughs].

MD: You have worked with African music legends Olamide and DJ Spinall. How was that? Do you enjoy the collaborative process?

K: Oh definitely! I loved every moment leading up the official drop and even after. Till [this] date I remain grateful for everything. Spinall and Badoo Olamide treated me like family [and] made me believe in my sound even more than I already did.

MD: You have a new EP in the works, can you tell us anything abut this? K: The new EP is mostly made up off bits of me, just like my previous projects but this time I’m very picky with the sound in general. If you’re a bit broken but at the same time it’s been one of the best things to have happened to you, then this project is for you.

MD: What genre could you see yourself experimenting with for a future project?

K: I really love fusion. Fusion will definitely be the direction my next projects will be headed. There are so many possibilities to grooves that I feel haven’t been really explored in entirety.

MD: You rack up an impressive 9 million + plays online, how does that feel and do you ever feel the pressure to keep racking up those numbers?

K: It feels incredible! Of course, numbers are important now apparently. But good music must be fed to the people (my people), it’s important to not get lost in the race. I just want to keep feeding my listeners good music.

MD: If you had to choose one component for a great song/EP/album, what would it be?

K: Melodies, I love melodies. They come first for me before anything else. Melodies have stories embedded in them and I love transcribing those messages, in my own special way.

MD: What’s your favourite F-word?

K: Fresh


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