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Body, Soul & Spirit marks the deeply personal and introspective EP from global music sensation and afropop superstar JoeBoy. This EP emerges merely six months after his acclaimed sophomore album, Body & Soul. The album propelled the Nigerian native beyond three billion career streams. True to its title, Body, Soul & Spirit builds upon Joeboy's recent release, offering a captivatingly dark and revealing five-track project that contrasts Body & Soul's themes. It delves into adversity and is an emotional body of work that's met with growth and vulnerability.

F Word spoke to this rising star to talk all things Body, Soul & Spirit, and how this year is set to be his best yet.

Maisie Daniels: Hey JoeBoy, welcome to F Word! What was your greatest highlight of 2023?

Joeboy: Thank you Daniels, my greatest highlight of 2023 has to be dropping two projects, Body & Soul, the album and Body Soul & Spirit, the EP. I think that’s the most amount of projects I’ve dropped in a year. It felt really great to put out great music and to be able to express myself on these projects.

MD: What do you hope for 2024 and do you believe in manifestation?

Joeboy: I hope for my music to spread to a larger audience, going global as a person and for my music. Definitely doing things on a bigger scale this year, one thing I really like to do is improve on myself and my sound. I strongly believe this year will be my best year yet.

MD: Your new EP ‘Body, Soul & Spirit’ is out now and it's a touching and introspective body of work. Can you talk us through the inspirations behind the EP and what you have gained through creating it?

Joeboy: The major inspiration behind the EP was my experiences, my spirituality... and I used Body, Soul & Spirit to express myself and where my head was at the time of recording. I’ll say it is my most vulnerable and introspective body of work so far. Through this EP, I’ve become more confident with my sound, more experimental and to be more honest in my writing.

MD: If you had to choose one component for a great EP, what would it be?

Joeboy: One component has to be replay value, people going back to replay because it has a great storyline or something they can relate to. That has to be one of the best component of a great EP.

MD: Can you describe the EP in three words?

Joeboy: Smooth, Beautiful and Expressive.

MD: Is there a track that is closest to you, and why?

Joeboy: My fave of the EP, has to be Surviving. Because the song came from deep within, I have manage to through different challenges and come out sane hence the word surviving. It was my state of mind at the time, it was only right I made it the last song on the EP.

MD: The world would be better without _______? The world would be worse without _______?

Joeboy: The world would be better without so much unnecessary hate and the world would be worse without Love.

MD: Any new drops we can look forward to hearing / what does 2024 have installed for you?

Joeboy: There will be very heavy new drops. It's about to be a great and beautiful year for every lover of Joeboy and his music. There is soo much music in store and I really can’t wait for the world to hear them.

MD: Finally, what’s your favourite F-word?

Joeboy: My Favourite F-word has to be FUN


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