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It always hits most when songwriters are able to externalise those inner feelings that you struggle to put into words, and that’s exactly what London-based pop talent Ananya does best with her new debut EP 'i woke up one night', released via Platoon. This journey-driven EP offers a therapeutic take on life that comes from a place of compassion, where her enthralling songwriting leaves you wanting to be a little kinder to yourself.

F Word got the chance to chat with Ananya, as she reminds us about the importance of growth, believing in the process and why fashion and music go hand-in-hand for this one-to-watch artist.

Maisie Daniels: I love the honesty you transcend in your latest EP: did you find this vulnerability came easily to you?

A: I believe that vulnerability is inherently tied to truth. Sharing these sincere aspects of my life is sometimes challenging, yet expressing these feelings through music has been my guiding northern star. When it comes to writing music based on real experiences, my hope is that someone out there resonates with a similar story and can use my music as a guiding force, much like it has for me.

MD: Can you describe the EP in three words?

A: Emotional, Empowering, Honest

MD: What are you hoping people will take from this EP?

A: My aspiration is that people can listen, find a connection, and take away something meaningful. I hope this EP expresses the significance of understanding that the past doesn't define us, recognizing that it's never too late to apologize, and acknowledging that we shouldn't linger in situations we've outgrown.

MD: What was the biggest change you made to the EP during the writing process?

A: One significant change for me was experimenting with different writing processes rather than sticking to a single method. The process of co-writing songs from the ground up in the studio stood out the most, with the track taking shape within a few hours. I also started finding inspiration in my dreams, and this was a whole new experience for me.

MD: Aside from music, you’re also a fashion designer - can you tell our readers more about that, including the Nani Wellness Project?

A: Fashion and music are intertwined. The synergy between sound and visual identity enhances one’s artistic expression. Personally, fashion serves as my security blanket. I always do better when I feel confident in my fit.

The Nani Wellness Project is an app and online platform, offering free mental healthcare to Zimbabweans. Mental health carries immense significance for me. Inspirational role models taught me the acceptability of seeking help.

MD: What advice do you wish you had growing up that you carry with you now?

A: Be yourself unapologetically and don’t spend too much time on things you can’t control.

MD: What’s bringing the most joy to your days lately?

A: My miniature dachshund, Satchmo.

MD: What’s your favourite F-word?

A: Family!


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