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words Filipe Phitzgerard - images courtesy of Fiorucci

Italian fashion house Fiorucci has unveiled their latest lookbook for their Pre-Fall 2020 collection, and, as you would expect from such an iconic brand, this season is full of character, personality, and creativity. This latest instalment sees a perfect combination of materials and silhouettes that are both functional and fashionable playfully and uniquely.

Fiorucci has become highly recognized for its outlandish yet comprehensive collections that have helped pave the way for forward-thinking fashion design. Since the late 1960s, this Italian eponymous label has been creating fashion by playing by their own rules of freedom and creativity and being able to cater for an array of consumers that look to express themselves through every piece they wear; the collections provide the consumer with a highlighted sense of freedom while reimagining fashion more extravagantly.

These elements have been translated into this upcoming season, especially seen throughout on the silhouettes. From two-piece tailored assembles to the dresses and high-waist trousers; this season is all about texture and shape combined to create stunning pieces both for the day and nightlife. Some of the highlight pieces among the collection are the two-piece denim jacket and trousers with a stunning zebra-like print; the light yellow two-piece tailored jacket and trousers, the vinyl oversized jacket with emphasis on the accentuated shoulders and the lilac silk trousers and strapless top. The collection is an invitation to creativity as it provides the consumer with many styling options. The vinyl trousers and the knit jumpers, staple pieces, have also been included in this new season alongside the iconic vintage Angel t-shirt. The FIORUCCI logo and name have been incorporated into the collection in a perfect and well-balanced way making sure to keep things classy while still fun.

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