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words Filipe Phitzgerard - images courtesy of Eastpak

Following the current and long-standing collaboration between American lifestyle brand Eastpak and iconic Belgian fashion designer, Raf Simons, the design partners have unveiled their latest instalment which celebrates the tenth chapter of their successful collaboration. After ten seasons of brilliance, fashionability, and functionality being combined to create outstanding backpacks, bum-bags and accessories that infuse the edgy and unique Raf Simons design aesthetic with the high-quality materials and craftsmanship from Eastpak, this latest drop is another example why the collaboration has worked so well season after season.

This time around we see a reinvention of Eastpak’s Padded Doubl’r backpack as well as introducing two new designs where versatility is the key element; the Waist Loop bag, and the Pocket bag Loop bag which are multifunctional styles featuring detachable pockets and Raf Simons’ signature metal ring details. This season also introduces a new and fresh seven colourways featuring graphics and slogans referencing Simons’ homecoming to his “own private Antwerp” from “stoned America”. In this instalment, Simons pays tribute to the city which has inspired and led him into fashion design as he began his career. This season pays homage to his roots in youth and subcultural influences.

In order to translate this collection in visual terms, Eastpak and Raf Simons have joined forces with renowned photographer Serge Leblon who became famous for creating cinematic moods using colours and lights. Leblon's offer to the collection is a distinctive photographic narrative of contemporary life that is at once unsparing and tender, familiar yet mysterious.

The collection will be available from January 20th, 2020 at Eastpak and selected stores.

For more information on Raf Simons and to shop visit For more information on Eastpak and to shop visit


Eastpak’s classic backpack is reimagined with Raf Simons’ signature metal loop details and two detachable front pockets. This fully-functional day pack is fitted with a padded tech sleeve, internal pocket, and a padded back panel and shoulder straps. Available in White Star, Red Star, Purple Quote, and Beige America colorways, each of the removable front pockets features different graphics and prints. RS Padded Doubl’r (White Star, Red Star, Purple Quote, Beige America): Retail price: Europe 260€ / United Kingdom £235 / United States $312.


This versatile bag lets you wear your belongings using the four detachable pockets, each featuring different graphics and Raf Simons’ recognizable metal rings. Built with padded shoulder straps for a comfy all-day carry, the Pocketbag Loop is available in Antwerp, Quote, and Garden colorways. RS Pocketbag Loop (Antwerp, Quote, Garden): Retail price: Europe 260€ / United Kingdom £235 / United States $312.


This multifunctional mini bag features two detachable pockets and Raf Simons’ signature metal ring details. The padded waist belt can be adjusted to suit your style and each of the detachable pockets features different graphics. The Waist Loop bag is available in White Star and Beige America. RS Waist Loop (White Star, Beige America): Retail price: Europe 150€ / United Kingdom £135 / united States $180.


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