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Annual Earth day has come around once again, a day for celebrating the creation of the modern environmental movement. The first Earth Day was held in 1970, and since then over 190 countries across the globe use it to acknowledge the focus that must be put on protecting our world for future generations. We are all far too aware of the dangers of climate change and plastic waste pollution. Some experts believe that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. This means sustainability in our shopping habits has never been more important. Many brands within the fashion, lifestyle and beauty world are now implementing vital sustainability practices to reduce plastic and landfill waste pollution. It's so important for consumers to support brands that are making positive steps towards a greener world. To commemorate Earth Day this year, we are highlighting 22 sustainable brands taking a positive step towards saving the planet.



Ever-popular British footwear brand Hunter has launched a brand-new sustainability and accountability strategy – the Hunter Project. This project ensures the brand is taking action, and forward-thinking steps to better support our environment. The strategy is made up of three defining pillars: protecting forests, resources, and communities.

Hunters’ appreciation for nature is inextricably linked with the brand's use of rubber tree sap derivatives to create their protective waterproof footwear. An understanding and awareness of nature are fundamental to their brand, and the 2022 collection demonstrates this with 125 products being made with natural rubber from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests.

By 2025 Hunter has pledged that all-natural rubber is provided by FSC-certified forests - this means that the forrest is managed in a way that is economically viable, preserves biological diversity, and benefits the local community, and it is crucial that more brands follow suit in creating an eco-friendly legacy.

Hunter has launched their new Bloomtm slide and a sandal that is made from Algae. Using algae to create the sandals and slides using a process reduces CO2 emissions and cleans the natural waterways while also saving water. This is another amazing step that Hunter is taking toward a positive environment.


From the beginning, Toms have had a plan that they wanted to be part of making the world a more sustainable planet, always wanting to make it part of their ethos as a brand. They are doing this by creating environmentally friendly kicks that range from their classic mallow mules to Alparagata sneakers. They are 100% recycled which is great as it keeps waste on your feet and out of the landfills. For earth day, Toms has released their Earthwise collection. With this collection, Toms will be donating a third of the profits to grassroots goods.


Moyenne is no stranger when it comes to being sustainable. The brand was created to fight against the ongoing battle of the fast fashion industry ruining the earth. “Drip in Peace” is their motto- they have done all the work so you can be eco-conscious and stylish! Using organic cotton and sustainable materials along with amazing quality to create their designs.

Moyenne is passionate about educating people about sustainability and they have done this by creating a sub-brand called Living Moyenne. With this they demonstrate how little changes can have a positive impact on the environment and make this world a better place, also educating people about the effects of fast fashion. They are also donating 10% of all profits to a mental health charity, LYP foundation. Even their business cards are recyclable! They really are an example of how to be sustainable in fashion.


From 1952 Eastpak has been making durable bags that are built to last, they are working on increasing the use of recyclable materials without having to compromise with quality or durability in their foreseeable collections. In line with Earth 2022, Eastpak has just launched their Resist Waste’ collection'. They have created this collection to take steps in reducing waste and making a positive change to the environment. This collection is made from recycled materials and is made to last, making it highly durable and sustainable. All materials used are vegan and cruelty-free.


One of the top causes of climate change is clothing production as this leads to the underutilisation of clothing and a lack of recycling. Sustainability was the motivation for creating Beezie which is an up-cycled knitwear brand. Katy the owner sees knit as a blank canvas and creates sustainable unique, one of a kind pieces, modernising and reducing waste. “It wouldn't make sense to buy stuff new if there is already so much I can work with. I love showing people that up-cycled garments can be so much more than what you would expect. Taking preloved items and creating them into something more modern, sexy and funky. It is like you’re in constant collaboration with the universe!” Katy.


Inspiring conscious travel brand Tropicfeel is creating excitement in our daily lives with exciting new products that are great for the environment and our comfort. We forget we are travelling all year round, whether that’s to work or to the Maldives. Through their products Tropicfeel wants to inspire conscious travelling, allowing you to travel and reconnect with nature whilst leaving carbon-friendly footprints with every step. Sourcing sustainable materials, using 80% recycled polyester and every pair of trainers are made with 5- 8 plastic bottles.



Fruit and veg delivery boxes are becoming increasingly popular, but were you aware that not all of them are 100% organic? Organibox is here to fill that gap. Organibox is passionate about delivering a delicious range of fruit and veg and can guarantee fewer pesticides, no manufactured herbicides, and no artificial fertilisers. Now we know that is good for us, but it is also crucial in protecting the health of the soil. And without good soil, we cannot grow good crops.

In their mixed box, you will discover a selection of fresh, and truly organic produce – a great way to try something new. What’s even better is whilst you whip up a nice new recipe, you can rest assured that none of the goods are ever flown in, vastly reducing the carbon footprint. The packaging contains no plastic and is, of course, recyclable, plus with every box purchased, 50p goes to Organibox's charity partner. It really is guilt-free food!


Dr. Bronner’s is a natural soap brand that is dedicated to creating socially conscious and environmentally friendly personal care items. They are biodegradable, non-synthetic products that use raw materials and are certified organic and fair trade projects worldwide. Working directly with smallholders farmers, with communities to increase their knowledge and skills and always making more positive steps toward a better world.

“It is truly inspiring to be part of the global movement toward climate solutions. As people around the world are becoming more concerned about the supply chains behind the products they use—consumers want to know the companies they buy from are aligned with their values.”

Dr. Bonner’s is creating an ethical supply and repaying those who are part of their journey. Dr. Bronner also uses the profits not needed for the business and put them towards active causes and charities. They really tick all the boxes B-Corp business, plant-based, organic and fair-trade certified products, dedicates not need business profits towards progressives causes and charities.


It’s no secret that if we can reduce the amount of meat and seafood we’re consuming, it can contribute to a more sustainable planet!

With that in mind, Future Farm is simply asking people to consider introducing some plant-based swaps into their usual food shop. The amazon rainforest continues on the path of destruction – and animal agriculture is a whopping 91% responsible for this. In comparison, a plant-based burger, for example, generates 90% fewer greenhouse gases. That statistic alone should be enough for us to, at the very least, try.

You absolutely do not have to miss out on your favourite meals when Future Farm uses True Texture Technology to create delicious plant-based burgers, sausages, chicken, mince, tuna, and meatballs. All made from 100% natural soy, pea and chickpea proteins, this new technology transforms them into juicy, textured, meaty flavoured goodness.

When just ONE plant-based day a week saves over 750 bathtubs of water AND almost three full tennis courts worth of forest, Future Farm are on a mission to help us enjoy our food, and save the planet. Their range is available now from Sainsbury’s online and in-store, what are you waiting for?


Urbanears, a Swedish audio lifestyle brand, has launched two new models of their true wireless headphones - Urbanears Boo. They are made from a versatile range of recycled plastics, from bottles to air conditioner units! They released these 97% and 91% recycled headphones on April 12th, a defining date for the brand as they embark on a better sounding future. By 2030, Urbanears has set its sights on becoming fully circular and climate neutral, so keep an eye (and an ear) out for them!


Fancy enjoying a nice bottle of wine, where the only regret might be the hangover? Sea Change has a range of delicious wines available and has recently launched a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, made in one of the oldest vineyards in the region.

Each bottle of Sea Change is dedicated to an endangered species to help raise awareness of those high at risk, and a percentage of every bottle is donated to various ocean conservation charities, including Ocean Generation.

Did you know that most wine bottles end up unable to be recycled due to their labels? Sea Change uses plastic-free bottles and has discarded the usual metal rings at the top, making their bottles completely recyclable with minimal packaging. So grab a bottle of their new Sauvignon Blanc and sit back. Who said being eco-conscious is boring?


Water in a Box is a sustainable and eco-conscious water brand using local spring water from the UK and not importing from abroad. Doing this allows them to have a low carbon footprint. Say goodbye to your plastic bottles with Water in Box. The packaging is widely recyclable and made from renewable cardboard and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for using renewable energy. They are designed to be a dream to drink from and have a resealable bio-based cap. With a range of flavours from natural spring, lemon and lime, strawberry and peach & orange.


Did someone say Gin o'clock? After receiving the Gin Guide Sustainability Award in 2020, Bullards Gin continue its mission to reduce its carbon footprint and waste. By introducing their Eco-Refill Pouches, delivered through your letterbox, they are a perfect solution when you're in need of a top-up, without the environmental guilt. It's as easy as emptying the gin from the pouch, into your existing Bullards bottle ready to enjoy.

What's even better is all you have to do when your Eco-Refill Pouch is finished - pop it in your postbox - no stamp required, and they will be delivered straight back to the distillery and put to good use.


Food is responsible for a large part of global emissions in the environment. Fresh Mexican Food restaurant Wahaca has partnered with Kimato to help tackle this crisis. By introducing carbon counts where they are rating the levels of dishes from low, medium and then high. Giving the knowledge to their customers about the greenhouse gas emission of all the dishes they serve and allowing them to think about environmental impact. They measure the steps from growing, shipping to even preparing the food. They believe transparency is key with their customers and really want to educate and create a better planet.

Thomasina Miers the co-founder of Wahaca said: “I am not a huge fan of calorie counting – it’s a blunt tool in terms of assessing the goodness in the food we eat, and only tells us a fraction of the story. And, since climate change is at the very least as important to human health as calorie intake, we want to help people make decisions that are better for the planet as well as for themselves. Knowing that meat and dairy products produce the most emissions has led to us expanding our vegetarian and vegan offering in recent years, together with our commitment to sourcing ingredients from closer to home, from suppliers we trust. Sustainability is of course a complex issue, but by using our menu to share insights into the footprint of our dishes we hope that customers will consider making choices that tread more lightly on the world around us.”

This is a great idea that will inspire people to think about their choices in everyday life when it comes to food and the positive footprints it will leave creating a more sustainable world while eating some yummy Mexican food.


From their beginning, Nutrition Geeks has had sustainability at the forefront and are constantly taking steps to better their carbon footprint with plans to be carbon neutral by 2023. Nutrition Geeks have scientifically created supplements and vitamins that allow your body to have the maximum benefits. Products come in a compact letter-box pouch which minimises using plastic, emissions and manufacturing procedures, unlike the normal bottle containers.


Time to get clued up about cling film. We use approximately 740,000 miles of cling film in every household, every year. This is enough plastic to literally wrap around the world... 30 times over!

Not only is this terrible for our environment, but new studies are showing that it’s also terrible for us. When heated, cling-film can release chemicals into our food, which we then consume. Last year, two critical reports linked 175 compounds to health issues connected to cancers, fertility and foetal development. Cancer Research is now also advising about the dangers of heated plastics.

So, what’s the solution? Introducing WaxWrap. WaxWrap is an eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable, AND recyclable beeswax wrap. Available in rolls, wraps or bags, its versatility will suit all of your needs. It allows food to breathe, rather than smothered, so it’s really great for wrapping, well everything, and keeping leftovers extra fresh in the fridge. WaxWrap is an official supporter of Less Plastic CIC, and donates 1% of all sales to help fund plastic waste production projects.


A British brand, Hepple grow juniper trees on the hills of the Hepple estates, using a distillery to develop their gin that involves triple technique distillation methods. To protect and sustain the wild landscape environments they created the juniper propagation programme. With this, they plant a minimum of 200 juniper seedlings each year annually which grow throughout the year. The goal is natural regeneration and also protecting and supporting their local wild juniper stock. Creating spirits that have the flavour of their beloved juniper has led them to create the most flavoursome gin.

This Earth Day they are launching a balloon that can be used in bars and restaurants that stock their gin and also a bulk delivery system to reduce their carbon footprint.


PLAYin Choc has been working hard to create a chocolate bar that is ethical and sustainable but also tastes great. They believe in creating a product that is nice for your body and for the planet too. The founder Maya Simler also strongly believes that the key to creating a sustainable future is educating the future generations. She believes that children are the future and actively works towards doing this.

Using cacao, vanilla and coconut plants Maya has created an award-winning chocolate bar that is vegan and organic. Having organic ingredients which helps the environment by reducing pollution, conserving water, reducing soil erosion and increasing soil fertility. Another amazing thing they do is using plant-based home compostable fill two wraps the bars leaving nothing to be left a waste for landfills. PLAYin CHOC donates to a number of ethical charities each year. Treat yourself to a yummy bar, it makes having chocolate a little less guilty!



The Glowcery is a superfood skincare brand who are vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free. Made in small batches allowing them to keep their energy emissions low while preserving the freshness and quality of products. Ingredients are sourced from suppliers that are ethical and environmental. Glowcery believes in the three R’s which are recycle, reduce and reuse and they are taking conscious steps to make this a sustainable planet. A customer favourite Golden Nectar Nourishing Body Oil is made from up-cycled fruits using strawberry seeds that are castoff by the juicing industry.

The packaging is all recyclable and when deciding on packaging to store their superfoods formulas, making the packaging environmentally friendly was at the top of the list! Using house glass (green) aluminium and other materials that are easily recycled also offers a refillable option for their hero product Clean Greens! Clean Greens is a plant based product packed with fresh superfood for the skin with nutritious ingredients your skin loves such as hemp seed, broccoli, and tamanu which soothes and restores, guaranteeing you that clean greens glow! The Glowcery gets the green tick went comes to sustainability!


Milly & Sissy recognises the global plastic crisis and they have created a zero-waste line in which you just add water. It is really as simple as that! Made from 99% natural and vegan ingredients in powder form this allows you to add your liquid from the comfort of your own home. Lowering the carbon footprint by 94% then your average bathroom product. All other packaging is compostable, recyclable or reusable. No waste! They have a range of products from body wash to Deodorant which you can refill and reuse. They use rustproof steel pumps to guarantee the longevity of their products. The deodorant starter set is a must-have as it comes with a glass bottle with a glass roller and bamboo lid plus refillable sachets. Refreshing scents of fresh burst and cotton fresh armpits and no nasties like aluminium.


Coraline Skincare is a Vegan, Organic and Sustainable brand, lovingly created by parents Kevin and Liz Troy at the beginning of 2020. Their passion for ‘happy skin’ started after discovering there were limited solutions available for their daughter Coraline, who was diagnosed at birth with Down's syndrome and two holes in her heart and also has sensitive skin. Coraline Skincare’s mission is to provide the purest honest and eco-friendly skincare products to heal even the most difficult skin concerns as naturally as possible.

They have created the most magically soaps, balms, cleansers, oils, and toners using plant-based raw materials which are grown ethically and are GMO-free. Coraline skincare use recycled cardboard boxes for their soaps, which have been made using cardboard and paper pulp, and are free from toxic dyes, glues and blech. Plant blinders and woodchips are used to create the pots for the balms. Their goal is to create products that restore confidence with organic, honest products that heal and nourish and that are suitable for everyone and anyone.

As a new small business Coraline skincare is committed to always taking positive steps for a more sustainable future. Even though they have just started their journey they are dedicated to making their products easy to recycle and reusable. They have spent a lot of time researching every little detail from packaging to ingredients to make it as sustainable as possible. Even paying 10% more on extra virgin olive oil packed in 5 litres is greener and reduces their carbon footprint.

Coraline skincare donates 50p from every product sold to Smallsteps.


Salt of the Earth is a leading a natural deodorant brand that is making moves in the right direction by creating a certified cosmos 100% natural products. Starting a business from home, the owners Thomas and Sally Laird wanted to create products that were good for the environment. Salt of the Earth made a deodorant balm that is effective, natural, and ethical with fresh botanical aromas. The balm is long-lasting protection, vegan and cruelty free. Salt of the Earth is made in the UK and comes in recyclable HDPE packaging, reducing plastic waste use.

In conclusion, it's becoming so vital for consumers to shop ethically and consciously with eco-friendly brands across the fashion, lifestyle and beauty industries. Buying sustainably is a way each of us can make a difference from a grassroots level. The brands mentioned in this article are the blueprint for a greener future in their respective industries, however, they need our support to survive. With so many small companies feeling the struggle of a post-pandemic world, it makes it even harder for a business to keep up sustainable practices. Earth Day is a reminder for all of us to be conscious of where we put out money and prompts the support for businesses leading the way with sustainable initiatives and environmentally friendly products and practices.


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