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CAT INTRUDER; BORN IN’96. RE-POWERED IN’18 words Andrea Ward - images courtesy of CAT at Gung Ho

CAT is one of (if not THE) the most iconic work-wear labels we know with a history of success that dates back to the 1990's. For CAT, resistant and functional footwear has been at the forefront of its creations and has revolutionized the work-wear apparel with its Caterpillar safety boots becoming the "go-to" for footwear and seen in most construction sites across the world. However, CAT is not just all about safety footwear, as the label reintroduces us to one of its biggest fashion hits from 1996. The Intruder which is a successful venture into the fashion reals.

The re-powered and upgraded design is revealed in a fresh and youthful way as it seeks to reach the younger consumer demographics. The unisex Intruder comes in three colors, star white, black, and biking red with just enough details in acid green and orange. The chunky trainers bring together all things CAT, durability, comfortability, and innovation with the added style making this a very contemporary and on-point collection. The re-powered Intruder also has its silhouette upgraded to make it more modern yet the core of its original silhouette is still preserved.

This re-empowerment of the Intruder design comes after its resurfacing back in 2015 after a great and successful collaboration with iconic contemporary British designer Christopher Shannon, a partnership that saw CAT's craftsmanship excellence and Shannon's design boldness coming hand-in-hand. Along with this season's collection is the Re-Powered Fall/Winer'18 campaign which was shot at night across South East London, and takes inspiration from Cat Footwear's archive looking back at its development and creative drive from the 1990's and exploring the brand's youthful spirit and influences in London's vibrant youth culture.

Re-Powered Intruder is now available exclusively through Urban Outfitters, ASOS, FootAsylum in the UK and at


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