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As part of photographer Jasmine Engel-Malone’s ongoing project, ‘Girls at Home’, her most recent creative collaboration is with stylist, fashion archivist and model, Ava Coffen. This project aims to highlight women working across the creative industry and capturing them in the space they feel most at home. Showcasing their personal style and creativity, as well as discussing their craft, achievements and goals for the future.

Jasmine Engel-Malone: How would you describe your creative practice?

Ava Coffen: Mostly, my creative practice starts with a sudden impulse/idea and I’m instantly inspired and have to act on it. Usually [it] comes from a historic event/story or everyday life. I then mentally try and work out if it’s financially

possible to execute at that current time. Because I’m a maximalist I usually cannot afford my own ideas and

they stay in a mental bank for a day when I possibly can invest more into the production of an idea. If I can

execute it, I’ll be spending 2-3 weeks on a project pulling basically all-nighters.

JE: How did you get into styling and what was that journey like for you?

AC: Through modelling, many stylists I would work with on shoots would end up contacting me personally and

asking to use to personal items. After a few of my clothes ended up in Vogue I thought to myself “I could

probably start making money doing this myself”. I also started a vintage archive with a friend and sold and

hired a lot of pieces for shoots and VIPS.

JE: What has been one of your favourite projects so far?

AC: This is ever changing and a hard question to answer. Because most of the time I end up criticising everything

I do out of perfectionism, but if I could pick something is probably working with Edward Crutchley with runway

collections. He’s just the best person; creative, considerate, kind, organised. I love his references and I feel

like he speaks a language I understand.

JE: What are the things that make you feel creatively inspired?

AC: Music, ‘dad rock’ rockstars, history, different cultures and freaks on the street.

JE: What are three up and coming brands that you’re currently obsessed with?

AC: GUI Rosa, BazaarWorldwide and Laura Andraschko.

JE: What does your day-to-day routine look like, especially when it comes to balancing modelling and


AC: I don’t have a stuck routine - each week and month is different. With styling, I get to be more creative and

have more control, but modelling is fun and challenging to embody a character. I usually don’t enjoy myself if

the team can’t translate their vision to me. But most days I focus on physical movement, good food and solid

sleep - I can’t do either of my jobs without those self-rituals in place.

JE: Do you have a productivity hack?

AC: Wake up between 6-7am - you’ll get another whole half day added to your day.

JE: What do you do to celebrate your career successes?

AC: Well, if it’s an exciting job that’s been completed I usually go out for a nice dinner OR if it’s been a hectic work

streak, I’ll usually have a week break either somewhere or at home taking time for myself and my loved ones.

JE: Where do you see your creativity taking you? What’s next for you?

AC: Personally, I would love to keep progressing with modelling and styling; but I also see myself getting more

into talent management, starting a brand or actually even getting back into multi industry stage/event

planning - the world is my oyster you know.


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