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8IGB COMMUNITY CLOTHING x ARMANDO COSTA S/S'19 words Hugo Fernandes - photography Alexandre Chagnon

Parisian emerging streetwear label 8IGB Community Clothing was born off a little alley in the 18th district of Paris and since its debut collection, the young brand has been evolving and developing not only its own identity but its design approach to contemporary menswear. 8IGB - which stands for 8 Impasse Grosse Bouteille - is a skate-inspired apparel brand where the skater culture and the lifestyle that follows it become the core for their motto and designs. The brand, however, takes things into a rather unexpected place as it draws inspiration from graphic parodies and double entendres which are often sexual messages while being visually influenced by the work of iconic contemporary photographer and director Matt Lambert.

The brand creates clothing that merges desire and intimacy translated into a streetwear dimension, where sleek hyper-fitted pieces define the male body taking it away from the realms of oversized hoodies and baggy trousers. As every major brand out there, 8IGB's is still going through a process of self-discovery as a brand, and establishing an aesthetic that can very much work, if done with that level of precision very feel have been able to achieve, and these guys are on the right track.

8IGB Spring/Summer'19 collection brings together that poetic feel to a very summer-like collection and sees a collaboration with Paris-based designer and Marangoni Alumni, Armando Costa. Titled "Parisian Chavs" the collection consists of hoodies, jerseys, tees, and shorts - among other cool sleek pieces - which drive inspiration from the chav culture. The collection presents a contrast of oversized, a very much common practice within the streetwear design scene, and tighter garments that hug the male body with perfection. Biker trousers and spandex shorts and tees with a race-motto seen throughout come side by side with oversized hoodies and crew-neck jerseys.

In order to make things even more interesting, Armando Costa brings to the composition his very own out-there creations, where embellished caps and fine golden chains are introduced to pieces such as the tight short-shorts and the hats. This might not be your conventional chav look, yet, the collection seeks to push things onto a new direction while trying to maintain the assemble cohesive and sleek.

Photography: Alexandre Chagnon

Models: Romain, Mateusz, Jan and Léonce


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