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Photographed by Eve Louisa and styled by Ona Greenwood 'Floored' looks at flaws within our urban environments; commenting on how city life can sometimes feel heavy and have us- quite literally - on the floor. Modelled by Evie Rawnsley at Elite London.

LEFT Evie wears shirt ISABELLE ARAM; belt: EROSA; shoes + tights STYLIST'S OWN

Evie wears top ELLEANOR MOORE; skirt:NQ SAMPLE SALE; shoes VINTAGE

Evie wears bodysuit NQ SAMPLE SALE; dress MALON

Evie wears jacket ISABELLE ARAM; trousers NQ SAMPLE SALE

RIGHT Evie wears top PLANET SOPH; gloves ELLEANOR MOORE; trousers EROSA

Evie wears top EROSA; skirt ISABELLE ARAM


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