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ULLAC UNVEILS 'DYING TO MEET YA' words Andrea Ward - images and video courtesy of Ullac at SANE Communications

Taking inspiration from the auguries of coming of age, London-based Ullac is the perfect expression of what gender-neutral means as the young label translates it into some of the coolest denim pieces you will find today. Their latest drop comes with a stunning and powerful fashion film where the ups and downs of growing up in a suburban town are presented in a dark and cerebral form.

Ullac is the non-conformist, gender-neutral brand, formed by brothers Chris and Kyle Lynd and Gavin Weigh. The designer trio debuts in the film realms with a short titled 'Dying to Meet Ya' which was created in partnership with East London creative studio, Vidsett. 'Dying to Meet Ya' is an insider look into the mind and heart of the brand, looking into their very own upbringing and history while introducing us to the brand's aesthetic and reasons why they create in the way they do and giving special attention to their new series of multicolored hand-dyed jackets.

The short film takes inspiration from other motion gems such as ‘Let The Right One In’, ‘The Virgin Suicides’ and ‘Heathers’ and explores innocence, intensity and the beauty found in being young in a "provincial and suffocating town" representing the inevitable hardships of growing up and leaving behind the essence of being young. Along with the 'Dying to Meet Ya' is the extra cool and fresh look-book 'At The Baths' which is a follow up with Ullac's previous collaboration with photographer Willow Williams and stylist Jordan Schneider.

As the look-book and film work as a complement to one another, Chris Lynd explains; “It’s all about that strange monotony of summer, staying up too late, waking up too late, doing the same thing over and over, eating the same thing all the time. Hanging out Penwortham Priory Baths. As with all our clothes and output, there’s hints of 90's slasher and horror movies in there, late 90’s, early 2000's album covers, teen films & locker room bullies and a whole bunch of pop culture references.”

With all that in mind, it isn't difficult to see why Ullac is one of the brands to know, follow, and add to your wardrobe; the young label exudes youth spirit and a freshness this generation of young consumers is very much into. Ullac has been able to seemingly effortlessly translate their core values into garments, that are not only beautifully crafted but stand on a platform that looks forward into the near future where the lines between gender are blurred even more and where garments are constructed to people rather than a unique gender.

Speaking about 'Dying to Meet Ya' and the thought behind it, Lynd mentioned in their press release; “We grew up in a small village outside of Preston, and once a year the village has this little festival of fetes. The village elders appoint a 10-year-old girl to be ‘queen’, then the whole village makes a walk of witness to the next village, a traveling fair comes to town and there’s a scarecrow festival. We’re talking 30-foot spiders everywhere. It’s a real horror movie set up." He continues by commenting on the fact that as the evening got darker, the older and naughtier kids in the neighborhood would "turn up and hang around on the waltzer, smoke cigarettes, drink Hooch and swear" but he found himself, as one of the younger kids, very scared and shy yet his fascination for that youthful and bold approach just grew.

The fashion back then was something like a "Baggy, Hacienda, Acid House vibe, with hints of hip-hop" where the youngsters wore a lot of baggy denim in very cool colors, such as the reds, greens, and oranges. These elements of the designers' past have been put into their collections and film and translated in a very clear form.

'Dying to Meet Ya' is the perfect translation and expression of that past, and an invitation to appreciate and enjoy not only the garments Ullac so perfectly produces but a chance to dive deep into the creators' minds and history, being drawn into a whole new level of creativity, character, and identity.

You can learn more about Ullac and shop online at


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