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AND THE SEASON'S FLAVOR IS: CÎROC WHITE GRAPE words Filipe Macedo - images courtesy of CÎROC Vodka

It is that time of the year again when iconic Premium Vodka brand CÎROC releases yet another delicious flavored vodka packed in a glam bottle to be added to your collection. For this Autumn/Winter season the globally known vodka label has released a new and limited-edition flavor that screams luxury French vodka. CÎROC White Grape comes to set the tone this season allowing its consumers to create and delight in a refreshing and sophisticated flavor.

CÎROC White Grape is sure to "add a wink of sparkle to your celebrations" from the taste to the bottle - yes, bold rich golden! Cuz' who doesn't love a little bit of gold?

Continuing with their heritage process of excellence, CÎROC White Grape was distilled five times to ensure the highest quality possible while providing an opulent silky-smooth feel to it, CÎROC vodka has then been masterfully and perfectly infused with a distinctive and unique blend of ripe and fruity white grapes which has resulted in a well-balanced taste. Although rich, the White Grape premium vodka is smooth to the palate with delicate floral notes, hints of crisp citrus and lush honeydew added to provide the perfect combination of flavor and texture.

CÎROC White Grape is indeed the must-taste flavor of the season and will surely impress you, your friends and guests at your get-togethers from the taste to the presentation. The ‘total gold look’ bottle is a highlighted feature and showcases CÎROC's commitment to excellence and beauty always providing their consumer with more than just vodka. Whether you are a bottle collector or a good friend who knows how to appreciate your pals, CÎROC White Grape looks as good as it tastes and is the perfect gift for friends and loved ones this fabulous festive season.

Whether celebrating during the day or night, big or small functions planned ahead like a princess' wedding or just the spontaneous hang-outs this new flavored vodka is the perfect party partner. The offer also includes some Masterchef tips from CÎROC's team in order to guide us into creating unique combinations with the White Grape flavor which will surely impress your buddies like adding a splash of Crème de cassis and Champagne to create a playful take on the Kir Royale classic. A must-try!

CÎROC White Grape is the latest addition to the French luxury vodka maker’s range of incredible variants - which also includes CÎROC Vodka, CÎROC Red Berry, CÎROC Pineapple and CÎROC Apple – and is now available for pre-sale on Amazon with an RSP of £35.90.

For more cocktail inspiration for your next celebration check out @cirocvodka on Instagram.


20ml CÎROC White Grape flavored vodka

10ml Crème de Cassis

Topped with champagne

Serve in a champagne flute. Enjoy!


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