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PINQPONQ'S "LET'S GO ON A ROAD TRIP" words Andrea Ward - images courtesy of pinqponq

German-founded accessories label, pinqponq, has been creating innovative and sustainable designs since 2014 and from the beginning, pinqponq has continuously brought to the market a selection of beautiful and durable designs. This season it could not be any different. pinqponq introduces us to a Spring/Summer 2019 collection which draws inspiration from freedom of movement and the expression of "own less - share more" all wrapped up in a sense of real spontaneity just like when going on a road trip.

Titled "Bon Voyage" the collection is a clear expression - and invitation - to dive into spontaneous adventures, allowing yourself to feel liberated from the constraints of everyday responsibilities while living in the concrete jungle. Translating nostalgia and fondness for freedom, S/S19 sees a color palette that is fresh and inviting. From the butter yellow, cement Taupe, and the airy olive - which have recently been added to the brand's design portfolio - this season gives a sense of "arid terrain of cross-country summer road trips" while the peppermint green makes a reference to a more natural environment while retaining a more classic aesthetic.

This season sees pinqponq bringing together two contrasting worlds; the life within a major metropolis and the sensation of freedom and liberation one find in nature or in a holiday away driving across natural landscapes. This contrast is also perceived conceptually as the brand looks to bring together nostalgia and modernity making these the cornerstones of this season's creative venture. pinqponq has also reintroduced Changeant fabrics which have been updated with a brand new and fresher colorway which includes blush rose, moon grey, and polished black.

Spring/Summer'19 also sees the use of utilitarian military detailing making reference to the MA-1 bomber flight jacket which has had its original and classic color palette and silhouette reworked to create a more contemporary look. Overall, pinqponq's S/S19 collection not only meets the customer's demands for quality and sustainability but also offers an array of styles that will surely not simply elevate the consumer's style assemble but provide them with a fresh nostalgic feeling, that will, perhaps, lead them into a new and exciting adventure.

Shop and find out more about pinqponq's history and products HERE.


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