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Living in a big city can be fun. The constant stream of things to do and places to be and new restaurants popping up and new distractions to distract yourself from the fact that you shouldn’t be distracted does wonders for the mind. For a while.

It can also be exhausting. Weeks fly by and you realise that you still haven’t found the time to clean the oven (but hey, you also haven’t had the time to use it). The friend you had to cancel on three times in a row because you were too busy doing life seems to have removed you from their close friends story. And you’ve forgotten what it feels like to hear anything other than construction sites or traffic.

I have a friend who works as a software engineer who I constantly send frantic messages to when my laptop “goes funny” or “is being slow” (I’m extremely technical in my descriptions). Their reply is usually “have you tried turning it off and on again?”. Well of course not, I think, for that seems like far too easy and logical a solution, but it’s the one that almost always works.

It’s the same with our brains. When we are overcome with feelings of anxiety and overwhelm we seldom allow ourselves the time to reset, instead ‘pushing on’ with quick-fixes like caffeine and the dopamine release given to us by scrolling through social media. But what if we allowed ourselves time to disconnect for a moment and reconnect with nature?

French footwear brand Palladium urges conscious consumers to switch things up with their SS23 collection. Split into three categories - Heritage, Utility and Metropolitan - they are advocating adventure.

The Utility collection follows the brands overriding theme of creating footwear made to last. Designed for those who are feeling weighed down by the city, their Pampa Lite+ Matryx boots are some of the lightest boots ever designed by the brand. Another one of our favourite features can be found in the Off-Grid Lo Matryx which is designed with built-in knit socks for comfort.

I have always been a big fan of platform shoes. Rather than heels, which can quickly become uncomfortable and don’t exactly scream ‘let’s go exploring’ the platform allows you to walk with confidence and doesn’t tire you out. Palladium’s Metropolitan collection is directed towards women who want to feel empowered. Available in muted pink, white and olive, and perfect for field festivals, we reckon their sporty Revolt Sandal will be a firm favourite this summer.

Last up is their Heritage collection, which encompass the same values as the other collections but are designed with sustainability at the forefront. With each shoe made, Palladium inches one step closer to achieving their goal of being 100% sustainable by 2025. Their Heritage collection reflects this through their tagline #daretocare. These shoes are for the conscious consumer who wants a shoe that is long lasting and durable, and can be worn every day and throughout every season. They’re the kind of shoes that make you want to skip the tube and walk instead.

So what’s the pandemonium about Palladium? Their shoes make a great staple to every wardrobe, they uphold fantastic values, and they remind us that in order to reset we have to first of all reconnect.

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