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photography Lucie Desmond - words and fashion Sophie Emmett

Looking like he just walked off stage, Jacob Stanford at Models1 has a 70’s rock vibe that just becomes more evident with his luscious locks. Relaxed and ready to rock and roll Jacob has a cool 'come as you are' vibe to modelling, spending his time in both Canada and London, his humbleness is down to his grandmother being one of his closest confidants. As a face for Primark and walking shows from London to Milan, Jacob is definitely one to watch. We caught up with this gorgeous human to find out more about him and his perspective on life and the modelling industry.

Sophie Emmett: Hey Jacob, how are you today? Jacob Stanford: Hi Sophie, I’m good, thanks.

S.E: On-set you spoke about spending time in Canada with your grandmother, what’s the best advice she has ever given you? J.S: My grandmother is one of my biggest friends and someone I really trust and love; I think the best advice she has ever given me, and there are many good ones, would be; “If your gonna do it, do it properly!”

S.E: What would your ultimate day in Canada look like? J.S: The best season is definitely winter, a bit of skiing, ice skating, eating Poutine (chips, gravy and cheese curd). In the summer just Grabbing some drinks and chilling by the local river in our town Creemore.

S.E: How old were you when you were scouted and how did it happen? J.S: I got scouted three times before I finally got signed, the first time was at a Hudson Mohawke concert, the second was at a secret garden party, finally when I got signed it was outside a club here in London and I recently moved from that agency to my current agency, Models1.

S.E: How has the modelling journey been thus far? J.S: My modelling journey so far has been eventful. There have been a fair few highs and lows but I love what I do. I get paid to meet people and travel and what’s not to like in that? I enjoy meeting all the people I do and going to the places I have been; it is an exciting life at best but you still have the days you are waiting around or for a client to call you in for a job so it can be a mix of highs and lows. It is still good, though.

Jacob wears jacket PRADA at MRPORTER.COM; trousers BERTHOLD

S.E: Has modelling been everything you expected it would be? J.S: I’ve enjoyed it far more than I ever thought I would. It is a funny thing because you don't really know how it is until you are in it. I enjoy the excitement of the industry and all the opportunities that come with it.

S.E: What do you think is the biggest misconception when it comes to the industry? J.S: That models are arrogant. At the end of the day, we are all like everybody else and just want to have fun and do well. Models are humans like everybody else.

S.E: This year you walked the runway in Milan for the first time but you have walked in London and Paris as well; what fashion city - and week - do you enjoy the most? J.S: Paris. I love the city of Paris.

S.E: What brand would you love to walk for? J.S: Walking for Celine, I like Hedi Slimane work.

S.E: Where are you most comfortable; in front of the camera or on the catwalk? J.S: I’m comfortable with both; whether being in front of the camera and runways but I love the buzz you get after a runway show. I think it is all the adrenaline rush just before you walk into the runway and then the concentration level when you are walking on it. Once you are done, it is a mixture of relief and excitement of a job well done.

S.E: You are currently living in London, right? What’s your favourite thing about this city? J.S: Yes. I am currently living in London. I love the energy of this city and the atmosphere. There is always something to do and everyone here is unafraid to be different.


S.E: Tell us something about you people don't know yet? J.S: I’ve started doing acting lessons.

S.E: When it comes to style, how would you describe your own? J.S: I like to mix up my style. I like doing a bit of street style and I also like the kind of vintage rock look so kind of late 60s early 70s.

S.E: What fashion trend are you hating at the moment? J.S: Lime green. I am really not a fan.

S.E: Laughs] Well, that’s a little awkward considering we have a few neon lime pieces in this shoot. J.S: Oh no. In that case, I can handle it. [Smiles]

S.E: That's a relief. Okay, let's do a quick-fire round.

Jacob wears sunglasses PAWAKA; shirt GUCCI at MRPORTER.COM

S.E: Your last mean would have to be: J.S: A packet of cigarettes and 4 tinnies. S.E: A song that best describes your love life: J.S: Hit Me Up by Omar Apollo. S.E: What is your favourite season: J.S: Definitely winter.

S.E: A song you have on repeat: J.S: Bright Blue Day Haze by Mystic Braves and Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush.

S.E: Coffee or tea? J.S: Depends on my mood. S.E: If you could fly anywhere tomorrow; where would you go? J.S: Seoul, South Korea.

S.E: What superpower do you wish you had? J.S: I would love to able to fly.

S.E: If you were to be born in any other era; what would it be? J.S: Late 60s early 70s. They had the coolest bands and a lot going on back then. I find them to be the most exciting eras.

Photography: Lucie Desmond

Words and fashion: Sophie Emmett

Jacob wears top (both left and right) BERTHOLD; trousers MR P at MRPORTER.COM; sunglasses KOMONO

Jacob wears top PRADA at MRPORTER.COM; jacket OLLIE BRITTON

Jacob wears jacket OLLIE BRITTON

Jacob wears shirt GUCCI at MRPORTER.COM; trousers OLLIE BRITTON; sunglasses PAWAKA

Jacob wears top OLIVER BRITTON; trousers FEAR OF GOD at MRPORTER.COM; sunglasses PROJEKT PRODUKT

Jacob wears jacket PRADA at MRPORTER.COM

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