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MEET & GREET WITH CHLOE PEARSON at Anti-Agency words & fashion direction Maisie Daniels - photography Kevin Sparks - fashion assistant Joseph Parker

Anti-Agency’s Chloe Pearson is a model that instantly caught our eye. Not only for her striking streaks and fortunate features but for what this new face on the scene has behind the look.

Chloe is thankful for the world of fashion, and you can see that she has embraced and enjoyed every moment that the industry has thrown her way since starting just 6 months ago. It is clear that modelling is a form of escapism for this young model, a sentiment that also shines through within her unique talent of writing punk poetry.

We got the chance to find out more about the origins of Chloe’s modelling career, whilst going a little deeper into her relationship with punk poetry. And having heard Chloe’s love for the genre, F Word couldn’t help but include one of her works in the feature.

Opening look: Chloe wears sunglasses with strap GENTLE MONSTER; shirt SIMON MO; suit jacket SELECTED HOMME; necklace CULT OF YOUTH; orange check skirt PREEN LINE; brown check shirt YSI YSU; shoes ROKIT VINTAGE

Maisie Daniels: Hey Chloe, you’re originally from Derbyshire, right? What was it like growing up there? Chloe Pearson: You definitely grow up a lot slower, which has its perks but from a very young age I had an overwhelming sense that there must be more to the world than just this.

M.D: From growing up in the countryside, to living in London - do you miss it at all? C.P: I miss the isolation; which is strange because it’s what I hated when I lived there, but I guess is what they always say "the grass is always greener..."

M.D: That's true. How often do you find yourself going back home? C.P: When I can. I miss my mum but we speak every day on the phone so that makes it easier, in some way.

M.D: What are your fondest memories of your childhood? C.P: The first time I realised I could make people laugh.

M.D: You’ve been with Anti-Agency for around 6 months; how are you finding modelling so far? C.P: Exciting. I’m always so thankful to Anti for giving me a shot. I always wanted to run before I could walk, however, it’s a slower process than I thought, you have to earn stripes, as it were.

M.D: Was modelling something that you always wanted to do? How did the journey start? C.P: Modelling, in a funny sort of way, saved me. I got clean and sober just before I got signed. Naturally, I was feeling at a kind of loss and then I found this thing that I loved doing, that I was willing to put the hard work into, and it’s kept me where I need to be. My first job was a Thames x Fred Perry shoot by Blondey McCoy. The ‘theme’ was school children and I really owe Blondey one, he cast me when I was the oldest by a good 5 years!

Chloe wears knit vest and dress PREEN LINE; skirt GAYEON LEE; vintage cowboy boots JOSEPH PARLOUR; hair clips VINTAGE

M.D: Wow, it sounds like modelling has a more profound meaning or place in your life. Can you tell me what has been your favourite job so far, and why? C.P: I just shot a Stella McCartney campaign - it was in the countryside so I felt at home on set.

M.D: You’re certainly a natural in front of the camera - where do you think this comes from? C.P: Why thank you! I’ve got a big imagination and I’ve always liked dressing up, clothes are such a mood, you can be anyone in the right outfit.

M.D: What would be your dream campaign? C.P: The best of British for sure. Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, I’m coming for you!

M.D: And you've done one season of Fashion Week, right? How was that? C.P: It was actually my first-week modelling properly, talk about thrown in the deep end! I loved the hustle and I can’t wait for the next one. I like walking, it’s so immediate.

M.D: You have a really cool sense of style - I particularly love your hair. When did you decide to put your signature blonde streaks in? C.P: Thanks! Maybe 2 years ago. I’m quite precious about my hair so it was quite a big day for me, getting the blonde streak.

M.D: Are you someone that gets bored easily and likes to reinvent themselves, or will you stick to a more signature style? C.P: I was so sheltered from fashion growing up, so I’ve had a lot of phases in short periods of time. I want to be more experimental than just cutting all the sleeves of my t-shirts.

Chloe wears sunglasses GENTLE MONSTER; top MISSGUIDED; pink skirt with red details PREEN LINE; patch skirt (worn underneath) URBAN OUTFITTERS; jacket IRADA; shoes ROKIT VINTAGE

M.D: Let’s talk about your poetry. You write ‘Punk Poetry’ and for those not in the know, can you please explain this genre? C.P: It all started in the 1970s and it takes the same perspective as the music which is inherently very British. My work is inspired by that style of writing.

M.D: When did writing poetry first come about? C.P: I wrote my first poem when I was 14 years old after my granddad's funeral, it’s called ‘Fun-eral Procession’ and is still one of my favourite pieces today.

M.D: What ‘zone’ (if any) do you have to be in to write your poetry? C.P: I’ve just got hit on a question I want answering. It all has to be said and done in about 10 minutes, or it’s not going to happen. I describe it as an orgasm, you can’t think about it too hard. Everyone should try it.

M.D: Have you performed to a live audience before? If so how was this? C.P: Yes. I have.

M.D: Oh wow. How was it? C.P: I think I’m only truly content in a room when everyone’s looking at me, which probably says a lot about me. [Smiles]

M.D: That kind of works the same in the modelling industry, no? Has modelling provided you with a platform for your poetry at all? C.P: You know, it actually has. I get to meet lots of creative types, when people take an interest it’s very special and to have the chance to speak about it to new people is quite precious.

Chloe wears sunglasses with strap GENTLE MONSTER; shirt SIMON MO; suit jacket SELECTED HOMME; necklace CULT OF YOUTH; orange check skirt PREEN LINE; brown check skirt YSI YSU; shoes ROKIT VINTAGE

M.D: Who are your biggest influences in the poetry world? C.P: Reading Dr. John Cooper Clark was the first time I came across punk poetry and it was a real epiphany. Other poets (not from that genre) are Phillip Larkin and Simon Armitage, who just got named the UK’s poet laureate. I will always be dissatisfied until I write a line as genius as ‘here’s how they rated him when they looked back: sometimes he did this, sometimes he did that’ (Poem by Simon Armitage). That for me reveals everything one needs to know about human nature.

M.D: Will you be doing any performances that we should know about? C.P: I’ve got some things in the works. [Smiles]

M.D: Do you think you’ll ever bring out a book of your work? C.P: I hope to one day. When somebody creates something and gives it to the world it’s no longer theirs in a way. All in good time.

M.D: And finally, what is your favourite f-word? C.P: Friendship.

Words & Fashion direction: Maisie Daniels

Photography: Kevin Sparks

Fashion assistant: Joseph Parks

HMUA: Shamirah Sairally

Chloe wears knit vest and dress PREEN LINE; skirt GAYEON LEE; vintage cowboy boots JOSEPH PARLOUR; hair clips VINTAGE

Chloe wears knit vest and dress PREEN LINE; hair clips VINTAGE

Chloe wears sunglasses GENTLE MONSTER; broach VINTAGE; dress and skirt GAYEON LEE; top PREEN LINE; pocket square/scarf PREEN LINE; shoes PRADA kitten heels at JOSEPH PARLOUR




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