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Nineteen-year-old Alfie Hoyle at Profile is the kind of lad you hope to turn up when doing a 'model' feature. With his gentle personality and kind soul accompanied with his edgy looks and cool expressions, he is the perfect candidate. Alfie had his first modelling job at the tender age of fourteen, and since then he's had a blossoming career that has taken him around the world, including shooting for Comme Des Garcons in Japan.

F Word's editor-in-chief, Maisie Daniels, had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Alfie as photographer Gray Brame and stylist Billy Tempest-Radford captured some striking snaps, along with having a chat to get to know a bit more about this captivating character, who certainly is one to watch!

OPENING IMAGE Alfie wears Alfie wears jacket SCHOTT NYC; jersey SCOTCH & SODA; scarf HEMSLEY LONDON;

Maisie Daniels: Hey Alfie! How are you today?

Alfie Hoyle: I'm really good thanks. The weather is finally getting better which is really nice.

M.D: Thank you for collaborating with the F Word team, we hope you enjoyed the shoot!

A.H: Thanks so much for having me. I had a great time and the pictures look amazing!

M.D: You mentioned you are at university - what do you study?

A.H: I study History at UCL.

M.D: How has it been starting a university course during a pandemic?

A.H: It has been very interesting and different to what I expected.

M.D: You also had your nineteenth birthday last year- happy belated! How did you find turning nineteen during the pandemic?

A.H: Luckily, my birthday is in June so we weren't in a full lockdown during it. However, it would have been nice to properly celebrate. Hopefully, this year everything will be open by the time my birthday rolls around.

M.D: What’s the first thing you will do once things start to open up again?

A.H: I will probably do lots of charity shopping, as I have been missing that so much.

M.D: What have you learned to appreciate the most over the last year?

A.H: I have really missed travelling, so it has shown me how much of a blessing travelling is.

M.D: How long have you been modelling?

A.H: I did my first shoot when I was fourteen, but have only properly being doing it since I was sixteen.

M.D: What’s been your favourite job and why?

A.H: I have really enjoyed a lot of them, but getting to go to Barcelona for one shoot was a pretty amazing experience.

M.D: You mentioned you modelled Japan - how was that compared to modelling in the UK?

A.H: It was also really fun. The main difference I found was that the weather was far warmer in the summer, which sometimes meant I did shoots really early in the morning, so that I didn't get too warm.

Alfie wears tracksuit; HEMSLEY LONDON; t-shirt UMBRO; bucket hat SCHOTT NYC

M.D: Did you enjoy it in Japan? What was your favourite moment and why?

A.H: Yes, it was so much fun. My favourite moment was probably doing a lookbook for Comme Des Garcons, as it is one of my favourite brands.

M.D: What’s your dream place to visit?

A.H: I would love to visit Thailand, as I am obsessed with the food!

M.D: Who are you currently listening to?

A.H: Been listening to lots of different stuff, but at this current moment, am listening to Nirvana.

M.D: And finally, what’s your favourite F Word(s)?

A.H: Fish Fingers!

Alfie wears shirt; SCOTCH & SODA; top STÜSSY

Alfie wears vest UOOYAA; jersey VINTAGE; jeans LEE; trainers K-SWISS


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