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You know that old expression, the one about suffering to be stylish? Well, thankfully the world came to its senses and this notion is a thing of the past. And the proof is in the pudding - or in this case, Nobis FW22 Collection, which is built with practicality and comfort in mind and looks incredible too. Whether you’re climbing a mountain or running out to buy a coffee in central London, Nobis has your outerwear sorted.

The Canadian brand describes the inspiration behind their FW22 collection as deriving from “the anticipation of the unexpected”. In a world that is constantly throwing us curveballs, this is music to our ears. The collection’s pieces are made with integrated technical systems which not only sounds cool when someone asks about your outfit, but also means that the clothes adapt to optimum comfort and durability in different seasons.

Nobis is a pioneer in outerwear. Rather than simply supporting sustainability in fashion through words alone, they are actively changing the way in which we consume. Customers are encouraged not to buy countless coats each season, but instead to buy one and use it throughout the year. All materials used are locally sourced and ethically sound and Nobis is up front about their process in tailoring their pieces. Don’t have time to faff around with dry cleaning? Don’t worry, items are designed to be machine-washable.

Ultimately, this is outwear that makes life easier. We all have a billion things to think about each day, but knowing that we have outerwear that will meet our needs through rain, sun, sleet and hail gives us one less worry. And hey, we’re calling it outerwear, but if you are feeling the crunch of the sky high cost of energy bills this Winter, it’s definitely stylish and comfortable enough to be worn as inner-wear...

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