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NIALL WALKER, Scotland at Elite reflecting isolation


F WORD: How have you been dealing with the whole isolation thing? NIALL WALKER: I’d say the worst part of my day is 5 seconds into it when I remember we’re in isolation. However, I’ve been trying to look at it as a temporary break from daily life. I live on a farm, so I’ve been making the best of the space we have. I think it’s important for our mental health that we do get fresh air, it feels less confining than inside. I’ve also been spending a lot of time with my family, which has been lovely.

F WORD: What have you been doing to occupy your time and mind? NIALL WALKER: I’ve been pulling looks around the house, to boost the morale [Haha]. I’ve been playing the guitar a lot and trying to teach myself the piano. Also, my family has a new puppy, so he’s been occupying everyone’s time. I’ve been avoiding spending my time behind my phone screen.

F WORD: How are you feeling about the COVID-19 pandemic? NIALL WALKER: I feel a sense of helplessness as I’m sure many people do. All we really can do is hope for the best and follow the government's instructions and advice. I’m concerned for my older family members and friends who have underlying health conditions. I feel sad for the countries who’ve been affected badly by the pandemic; especially Italy. I used to spend a lot of time in Milan when I started modelling when I see pictures of the empty streets on the news it’s difficult to comprehend.

F WORD: What are your thoughts on how our government and the world is dealing with it? NIALL WALKER: As far as I’m aware the vast majority of the world has been dealing with it correctly- by self-isolating. The panic buying in supermarkets is the only issue I’ve really noticed. It’ll only lead to more food wastage and the unlucky ones having to go without necessities like toilet paper. I feel like the UK government were focusing so much time on Brexit beforehand, hopefully, this pandemic influences Boris and the rest of the Conservative party to focus on what actually matters.

F WORD: What would be your perfect soundtrack for this time? NIALL WALKER: I’ve been rinsing Crystal Castles and Gesaffelstein recently, both resonate with the angsty uncertain times we’re in.

F WORD: Can you suggest a movie/series/or book we should check out during isolation? NIALL WALKER: I watched 'Unorthodox' on Netflix a few nights ago, it’s sad but a good watch. Also Orange Is The New Black!!! if you haven’t already.

F WORD: A hopeful statement to encourage others: NIALL WALKER: The pandemic will pass, don’t let the news on TV frighten you.

F WORD: Favourite f-word: NIALL WALKER: Fuck, obviously.


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