FLAVIO CRESPI, 18, Milan, Italy (Independent) reflecting isolation

F WORD: What are your top 5 interests? FLAVIO CRESPI: My boyfriend [Haha], singing, editing videos, fashion design, and photography.

F WORD: How have you been dealing with the whole isolation thing? FLAVIO CRESPI: I’d love to say it’s been the greatest time of my life but it would just be a huge lie. I had ups and downs, I’ve been overthinking and also receiving everyday news from the outside and from the government about the thousands of people getting sick or dying every day I felt really overwhelmed.

F WORD: What have you been doing to occupy your time and mind? FLAVIO CRESPI: I’ve been working on a few projects, a really personal video where I talk about an event that completely changed my life and my perception of it, I’ve just uploaded it. Also, I’m working as the editor of an independent magazine “La Bocca Magazine” that I want to publish in June and I’m so happy about it cause the first issue will be related to the quarantine and the rebirth after it.

F WORD: How are you feeling about the COVID-19 pandemic? FLAVIO CRESPI: I really don’t know how to answer this question because I’ve been stuck at home and the only times I took out my dog Marni around my block I was really scared.

F WORD: What are your thoughts on how your government and the world are dealing with it? FLAVIO CRESPI: My government handled it pretty well, but still… not everyone followed the rules immediately. I also noticed that in the US it’s a big MESS!

F WORD: What is the best thing you’ve been able to do since isolation?

FLAVIO CRESPI: I’ve been able to understand what my limits really are as I have been reflecting more deeply on them.

F WORD: What do you miss the most right now (due to isolation)? FLAVIO CRESPI: My boyfriend, I gotta admit it…first thing I wanna do when it’s all over is just spending 2 days in bed, disconnected from everything, just the two of us.

F WORD: What would be your perfect soundtrack for this time? FLAVIO CRESPI: I’ve recently created a playlist titled “Xanny not needed/ quarantine” on Spotify but also I’m constantly listening to 'Love Again' by

Dua Lipa and the entire Shirley Bassey discography.

F WORD: Can you suggest a movie/series/or book we should check out during isolation? FLAVIO CRESPI: I really enjoyed watching “Modern Love” on Amazon Prime and I’ve also been binge-watching classics.

F WORD: A hopeful statement to encourage others: FLAVIO CRESPI: If you just wanna be in bed for the entire day, it’s the right time to do it!

F WORD: Favourite f-word: FLAVIO CRESPI: Frog! Yeah, just cause I want one now [Haha].