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DOBRI DOBREV, 23, London at Select reflecting isolation


F WORD: How have you been dealing with the whole isolation thing? DOBRI DOBREV: I don't think the isolation itself is something bad for us, actually, quite the opposite. I think it's an amazing opportunity for every one of us to finally do all of those things we've never done before, to experiment with things that are unknown to us, to reconnect with ourselves, learn more about ourselves, or even remind ourselves all of those things that we've forgotten, simply because we were too busy keeping up with the constant changing pace of the world we live in.

F WORD: What have you been doing to occupy your time and mind? DOBRI DOBREV: I think now it's the best time for us to build all those new good habits we wanted, simply because all of this free time and the empty schedule most of us are facing. I've been reading a lot of different books, doing late-night cycling or a run with some of my favourite music, challenging myself to cook things I've never even thought about and generally trying to learn as much as I can for as many things as I possibly can.

F WORD: How are you feeling about the COVID-19 pandemic? DOBRI DOBREV: I feel that it's truly sad about all of those people struggling and dying due to the virus, not only in the UK but in the world. But I think that this, just like everything humanity faced in the past, will pass too. I'd rather see it as a test for each one of us as individuals and also like one whole united race. I think it's an evil we all should learn from. We should learn to appreciate all those things that we have and we choose to neglect or take for granted. I think this whole situation will teach us to appreciate all of the random walks with our friends, the chance to go on that amazing summer festivals, the ability to just go out and have a glass of wine and an amazing dinner with our friends, family or loved ones, and, most importantly, I hope it will teach us to appreciate the planet we live on, especially now after we've seen how nature bloomed when all of us stayed home for a while.

F WORD: What are your thoughts on how our government and the world is dealing with it? DOBRI DOBREV: As serious the situation is, I think that the media is blowing everything way too much and that is affecting some people even more than the actual virus is. We are living in a generation where our mental health should be a priority and for a person to lock himself home, having to deal with their insecurities that are now explored by the isolation is enough of a challenge without us having to hear every single minute about how horrible the situation around the world is and get robbed of all our hope, simply because that is how our minds are wired to work. We see all this negativity and we start to assume that there isn't anything positive, just because our focus was drifted onto so much of negativity. Concerning the government, I think they've been trying their best, maybe with a little slower and frightening step, but now that we are on lockdown, we can all try to minimise our exposure.

F WORD: What would be your perfect soundtrack for this time? DOBRI DOBREV: On the fun side I think that Akon's 'Lock Down' is a very appropriate track for this situation. On the inspiring and relaxing side, I'd say, Nas & Damian Marley's 'Count Your Blessings.'

F WORD: Can you suggest a movie/series or book we should check out during isolation?

DOBRI DOBREV: When it comes to a movie I immediately think about 'The Pursuit of Happiness' as I think it's an amazing story about how whatever you are facing in your life there is always a way out and all of that depends on you and how much you are willing to endure to achieve that goal. For series, I would say "Limitless" as I think it gives us an amazing perspective of how much our brain can do and how much we can do and learn just by mastering our brain. And for a book, I would recommend "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, as this book has the amazing ability to transcend the space and time around us and send us on an incredible adventure.

F WORD: A hopeful statement to encourage others: DOBRI DOBREV: Don't think of this quarantine as a prison, instead think of it as a huge training ground both for your body and mind. Learn to adapt and try to learn as much as you can and I'm sure that the hard time we are enduring today will prove beneficial for the people we are going to become tomorrow! Hope you all stay safe and don't forget that it's all in our hands.

F WORD: Favourite f-word. DOBRI DOBREV: Family!


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