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CICELY ROSE, 17, London at Select reflecting isolation


F WORD: How have you been dealing with the whole isolation thing? CICELY ROSE: I have been dealing with isolation by doing lots of meditation and yoga as well as keeping in touch with my friends via Facetime and House Party.

F WORD: What have you been doing to occupy your time and mind? CICELY ROSE: To occupy myself I have been doing lots of organizing and redecorating in my house to have a little change where nothing much else in my life is changing.

F WORD: How are you feeling about the COVID-19 pandemic? CICELY ROSE: My feeling on COVID-19 is that it is absolutely awful but also maybe a lesson we all needed as I feel as if nature is finally coming back and pollution is going down so after it is over hopefully, this will change how we do things and we will start caring more about the environment and our air.

F WORD: What are your thoughts on how our government and the world is dealing with it? CICELY ROSE: I feel as if the government first reacted a little bit slow to it and didn’t realize the severity of it which gave us a disadvantage but I think the restrictions they have put out have been necessary and I hope people start taking them a bit more seriously.

F WORD: What would be your perfect soundtrack for this time? CICELY ROSE: My perfect soundtrack at this time would be something calming and relaxing so it can settle the nerves of uncertain times.

F WORD: What do you miss the most right now, due to isolation? CICELY ROSE: What I miss the most right now is seeing my friends and the really little things like getting a coffee every day before work or just going to the shops.

F WORD: A hopeful statement to encourage others: CICELY ROSE: Stay positive; this is not going to last forever and we will be okay.

F WORD: Favourite f-word: CICELY ROSE: Family.


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