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BODHI HORTON, London at Select

reflecting isolation


F WORD: How are you dealing with the whole isolation thing?

BODHI HORTON: I have recently moved in with my girlfriend to wait out the pandemic. We had only been going out about a week before that so it’s kind of crazy but we thought 'why not?' We’re dealing with it by creating routines day to day and trying to stay active, which is working so far.

F WORD: What have you been doing to occupy your time and mind?

BODHI HORTON: Mainly focusing on experimenting with food and eating well, organising the space and generally keeping things relaxed. Exercise has been consisting of some skating and yoga so far, which has helped with keeping a positive mentality and instilling a sense of normality. Skating has been tricky, however, with so many of the parks closed in London so I’m mostly skating the streets (while maintaining social distancing).

F WORD: How are you feeling about the COVID-19 pandemic?

BODHI HORTON: We’re obviously at a scary place right now, with so many people being affected both directly and indirectly, it’s seriously unsettling. I feel like it’s going to have a lasting impact on us socially and economically but I’m also positive and looking forward to getting back to normal life.

F WORD: What are your thoughts on how our government and the world is dealing with it?

BODHI HORTON: It seems like this sort of thing has been predicted for a while, so I think the government should have done more to prepare and could have acted faster once the scale of the problem was realised. We’ve seen so many acts of human goodness over the past weeks though, so I think the world is definitely standing in solidarity during this time of crisis.

F WORD: What would be your perfect soundtrack for this time?

BODHI HORTON: “Opalescent” by Jon Hopkins. It’s super mellow and it definitely puts me in a good state of mind.

F WORD: Can you suggest a series we could check out during isolation?

BODHI HORTON: Easy one. Breaking Bad.

F WORD: A hopeful statement to encourage others?

BODHI HORTON: Keep calm and carry on.

F WORD: Favourite F-word?



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