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AIDAN WOOD, Singapore at Nevs

reflecting isolation


F WORD: How have you been dealing with the whole isolation thing? AIDAN WOOD: I am currently in Singapore so isolation is still very boring. I generally like to leave the house a lot during the day so am going a bit insane, to be honest. On the brighter news, A-levels are cancelled! Which is mad.

F WORD: What have you been doing to occupy your time and mind? AIDAN WOOD: I have been busy with a large range of activities. On the more productive front, I am reading a lot and making beats and have been editing photos for my photography account (@kingofthecoco). However, I have really excelled in my Assassins Creed career during isolation. I haven't been watching too much of Netflix at the moment as the majority of Netflix stuff nowadays is complete trash.

F WORD: How are you feeling about the COVID-19 pandemic? AIDAN WOOD: I have hated the COVID-19 pandemic from the beginning. It just brings so much unnecessary stress to this world and is making watching or reading the news even more depressing than it already is. I get this is a very difficult time and nothing we could do to predict it, but it's just all bad.

F WORD: What are your thoughts on how the government and the world are dealing with it? AIDAN WOOD: I think initially the government was doing an awful job with the virus. There were too many changes in the plan and it didn't feel like the government knew what they were doing. The UK also had 2 months to prepare for the virus, like, come on!

F WORD: What would be your perfect soundtrack for this time? AIDAN WOOD: 'FourFiveSeconds' is one of those singles that still bangs! Skepta Vicious EP, Dave 'Physcodrama' and Playboi Carti 'Die Lit.'

F WORD: Can you suggest a movie/series/or book we should check out during isolation? AIDAN WOOD: I would definitely watch The Witcher Series, I liked it because I play the games but it might not be for everyone. For a book, I would definitely read 'A Scanner Darkly' by Philip K Dick. Some of my favourite movies are Lords of Dogtown and Seven with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.

F WORD: A hopeful statement to encourage others: AIDAN WOOD: Summer will not die!

F WORD: Favourite F-word: AIDAN WOOD: FRESH!


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