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Peanut butter and banana, Ant and Dec, unexpected items and bagging areas - some combinations are just meant to be. And our latest ‘duh, why didn’t this happen sooner?’ combo is the collaboration between Brazilian footwear brand Melissa and Parisian brand Rombaut.

With both labels priding themselves on producing sustainable, vegan footwear, the pair are quite literally steps ahead of their competitors. As Mats Rombaut states “our collaborations need to have meaning and set a good example on how to make things better” - something he knew he’d found in Melissa after discovering they encourage customers to return old shoes to their stores in order to recycle them into new shoes.

So what can we expect from the line? The collaboration features Melissa’s iconic Possession style jelly sandal and a melting version of Rombaut’s signature Boccaccio trainer in creamy white, black, marbled green, transparent brown with rice husk pieces and purple. Fun and accessible, the shoes can be worn casually or dressed up for more of a statement. And the melting look isn’t accidental either - “With temperatures rising around the globe, I wanted to bring attention to this by having our signature sneaker style – the Boccaccio – literally melting” Mats explains.

The shoes are made from 50% recycled PVC from factory waste and 30% bio based renewable carbon content and even the shoe laces are produced from 100% recycled PET bottles! With countless brands claiming to support sustainability, it’s refreshing to see brands putting their money where their mouth is. Melissa and Rombaut are showing that the future of footwear is stylish and sustainable - and we’re here for it!

The shoes are made from 100% vegan recyclable plastic and are available to buy online at, as well as Galeria Melissa NYC and UK, Melissa LA, LN-CC, SSENSE and select stockists.


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