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Ellie Goldstein is a British model whose mischievous spirit and joyful smile fill up the room with laughter and energy. Having captured the hearts of the nation after starring in a Gucci Beauty campaign, we knew Ellie was a model we had to meet!

Before a fun day of shooting in a North London studio, we chatted with this inspirational model and got to know a bit more about her modelling journey so far, her love for all things dance, the importance of representing diversity in the fashion industry, along with some words of wisdom she shared that will leave you feeling confident and empowered.

Maisie Daniels: Hey Ellie! How are you today?

Ellie Goldstein: I am perfect!

M.D: How were you scouted?

E.G: I was scouted through Vogue Italia and by Gucci!

M.D: Yes! So Ellie, I can’t have an interview with you without mentioning your amazing Gucci Beauty campaign - that’s something people could only dream of! What did it mean to you to be given a platform from such an iconic brand?

E.G: I was really shocked, of course! Overwhelmed, excited, I was happy! I was screaming! Afterwards I felt so big.

Ellie wears pink gown SISTER JANE; pearl headband MAIDS TO MEASURE; hot pink bow mules ASOS

M.D: I bet! And what’s your favourite part of modelling? E.G: It’s the hair and makeup, I feel pampered!

M.D: You can’t beat a good pampering! You’re breaking down barriers and bringing a much needed dose of diversity to the modelling industry - how does that feel to be such a role model, do you ever feel the pressure? E.G: I go with the flow!

M.D: You are a true pioneer for models with Down's syndrome and prove that having a disability doesn’t have to stop you! Do you have any advice for people out there who may not think it’s possible?

E.G: Be confident, live life to the full, follow your hopes and dreams, and make sure to look after yourself!

Ellie wears shirt SIMONE ROCHA; cardigan SISTER JANE; necklace VINTAGE LACROIX

MD: I love that! We’ve touched on social media - what are your thoughts on this? Are there any negatives or do you see it as all positive? E.G: It’s all positive!

MD: What is you favourite feature about yourself?

E.G: My hair and my nails but I have no nails today [laughs]

M.D: If you weren’t modelling, what do you think you’d be doing? E.G: I think I would be doing dancing.

M.D: You started off dancing, didn’t you? And do you still dabble in dance? E.G: Yes, I do it at college!

Ellie wears pink tulle coat & skirt SIMONE ROCHA; rose headband JENNIFER BEHR; shoes OLIVIA RUBIN

M.D: What’s your favourite song to dance to? E.G: Awhhh! M.D: (to the room) Everybody listen so we can put this on later!

E.G: Awesome!

Well my best dance, first of all, is (I’ve got two) ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Where is the Love’. And the other one is by a band called ‘RENT’ and a song called ‘Seasons of Love’.

MD: What are you most looking forward to in the future? E.G: Being on the cover of Vogue! Being EVERYWHERE!

MD: You are so confident, I love it! Where do you think that confidence comes from?

E.G: My mum!

Yvonne (Ellie's mum): It’s not me! [laughs]

E.G: And my sister Amy, and my Grandma.

Ellie wears checkered dress SISTER JANE

M.D: When do you feel the most empowered?

E.G: When I’m up dancing and at college filming.

M.D: What would you consider to be your greatest achievement?

E.G: My dance award from college.

M.D: Let’s do a quick fire round!

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?

E.G: Ice, so I could make everyone frozen!

M.D: Something you can’t live without?

E.G: College, phone, laptop and my mum!

M.D: Something you’d rather didn’t exist?

E.G: TikTok

Ellie wears floral white dress SISTER JANE; pearls STYLIST'S OWN; pearl band flats ASOS

M.D: Dream place to visit?

E.G: Sweden

M.D: Would you rather be without internet for a week, or without your phone?

E.G: Oh my god! I think the phone!

M.D: And finally, we have to ask, what is your favourite F-word?

E.G: What a swear word?!

All: [Laughs] M.D: It can be any f-word!

E.G: Oh! [Laughs] Fire!

M.D: Thank you, Ellie. You are an inspiration! Are you excited for the shoot? E.G: Thank you. I am always excited!


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