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MASSIMA DESIRE AT NEXT words Sophie Emmett - photography Joseph Reddy - fashion Aisha Jimoh

Massima Desire at NEXT Models is one of those models who can easily make you mesmerized not only by their gorgeous beauty and strong eyebrows but her ever so striking personality. With a CV that includes walking for major labels by the likes of Coach, Matty Bovan, and Marc Jacobs and features in iconic magazines such as Dazed, Document Journal, and Elle UK, just to name a few; Massima sets the tone and the room temperature whenever she walks in. In a candid interview for Meet the Model, Massima talks fashion, queerness, embracing femininity, and much more.

F Word: Hi Massima. You’ve had a busy fashion season being in NYFW, LFW & PFW; what was your favorite city? Massima Desire: London! I’ve lived in New York for years, and Paris was beautiful but I really enjoyed London’s vibe and I felt like people overall were rather sweet and wholesome (my mood). Also, I was *obsessed* with Doctor Who as a kid, so it felt like experiencing parts of my childhood all over again.

F Word: What was your favorite show? M.D: For all the glamour and drama, Marc Jacobs. I also loved walking for Matty Bovan because I got to witness Matty’s incredible and organic creative process first-hand.

F Word: Thus far, is there anything you have learned in modeling that you wish you’d knew before you started? M.D: It can take a lot of time to establish yourself, some girls do blow up overnight, but it can be a slow burn too. Take your time and have patience (something I’m still learning).

F Word: How did you start modeling? M.D: I got serious about modeling last year. I went to college in NYC and have lived there for years, I’d have occasional opportunities to model, but it wasn’t something I fully embraced. I wasn’t in the right head-space anyway. But then I met my mother agent, Timothy, after I was in an artist program called EmergeNYC with his brother. Timothy asked to represent me in February, and then I signed with Next in June.

F Word: What would you say is your favorite thing about modeling? M.D: I think the experiences I’ve been able to have so far like traveling and getting to meet so many different types of people and gain a really valuable friendship.

Massima wears trousers NEOSS; train top NICHOLAS FISCHER; shoes SWEDISH HASBEENS

F Word: Where would you say you are most comfortable; in front of the camera for editorials or walking down the catwalk? M.D: Getting to walk shows is great, it’s really validating and invigorating. But when I work with a diverse team, particularly shooting with photographers who are women, I’ve felt the most comfortable.

F Word: Best job thus far? M.D: I’ve been lucky to work with some incredible teams already. They’ve pulled out all the stops for me, on one shoot I was shooting outside in the West Village in chilly November rain in a transparent suit. It isn’t really fashion if you’re not soaking wet in a transparent suit, is it?

F Word: Modeling has been an industry mostly dominated by women, what does being a woman mean to you? M.D: Emotion, compassion, and empathy. Self-love, and living truthfully. My sense of womanhood only really solidified when I accepted my queerness and my love for women, and so I define my womanhood in relation to that sense of love I have for the women around me, a love that can be both romantic and platonic, and the often fragile sense of community we have.

F Word: Who would be a woman that inspires you and why? M.D: Berta Cáceres. She is an indigenous environmental activist in Honduras who spoke truth to power and was killed for it. She showed a dedication to her community and the planet that humbles me as a privileged white American.

F Word: I saw that you thoroughly enjoyed the pastries whilst you were in Paris, however, do you have a favorite place to eat in London? M.D: Borough Market! All the varieties of street food: Indian crepes, Egyptian kushari, British pies, so much. And freshly baked sourdough, raw butter, and cheese, mushroom pâté – honestly I need to keep going back.

F Word: Okay, let's do a quick-fire round. M.D: Let's do it!

F Word: If someone offered you a flight to anywhere in the world, where would you go? M.D: Rural Japan to experience the philosophy of natural farming first-hand.

Massima wears coat CON ARTIST; pants NICOLAS FISCHER; bikini top NEOSS; shoes SWEDISH HASBEEN

F Word: What fashion house would you love to work for? M.D: Saint Laurent would be a no-brainer for me.

F Word: If you could be an animal for a day what would you be? M.D: A salamander in a Rainforest.

F Word: Who are you listening to at the moment? M.D: Music: Sevdaliza; Podcast: Democracy Now.

F Word: Who are you currently inspired by? M.D: The young generation of queer/trans artists who are so creative and currently carving their own paths.

F Word: What is your favorite F-word? M.D: Food!

Words: Sophie Emmett

Photography: Joseph Reddy

Fashion: Aisha Jimoh

Makeup: Paige Whiting

Fashion Assistant: Kilina Peltereau

Massima wears bodysuit NEOSS; coat NICOLAS FISCHER

Massima wears bikini top NEOSS; fishnet dress WEEKDAY; trousers and boots NICHOLAS FISCHER


Massima wears coat CON ARTIST; hoodie ANGEL CHEN; boots STYLIST'S OWN

Massima wears bodysuit NEOSS; trousers TEATUM JONES; earrings CON ARTIST; shoes SWEDISH HASBEENS; watch NIXON

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