Having started the series at the beginning of the pandemic, it feels bitter-sweet as F Word magazine continues it's Beauty sequence; Makeup Matters, in 2021.

Due to the intimate nature of their work, makeup artists have seemingly had some of the most setbacks when it comes to the Covid-19 legalisation. Here at F Word, we wanted to provide a rich insight into what it has been like to be a makeup artist during this pandemic and to find out about our creatives' lockdown experiences. Along with asking for some predictions for the future of the industry, we've discovered how makeup artists' day-to-day work has been affected during this unpredictable time, and learned about their careers over the past few months.

To accompany this, we set the task for these creatives to produce a visual representation, through any medium of their choice, that showcases themselves and their careers over the past few months.

How has your creativity been affected during the first or second lockdown?

Beth Gough: I feel that my creativity has been very up and down over lockdown. At the beginning, as I had all the time in the world to do what I loved, I dived straight into looks every day and started posting them on Instagram. But then as time went on, having the same schedule and being locked up inside, my motivation to do anything drastically dropped. During the first lockdown I was doing my final two units for my HND, therefor I had to focus on that as well. Being taught over a Zoom call just wasn’t the same as in person. This meant I knew I had to push my creativity and boundaries.

What beauty trends do you think we will see going forward & any predictions for the beauty industry?

B.G: I feel that it is hard to be certain as to what beauty trends we will see in the future. This is because of the pure fact everyone has had so much time to experiment with looks and trends they wouldn’t have even dared to try before. But looking at trends that are circulating around social media, people are either going for the minimalist approach or letting their creativity run wild and wearing a lot more makeup than usual.

As for my predictions for the beauty industry in the future, I feel that once the vaccine has been given out the industry will boom. This is because people will want to get back to normal as quickly as possible. People will be making the most of going out, photoshoots will be more regular to make up for the ones missed. As for the film and tv industry I feel the same way as throughout this pandemic we have been able to use escapism for brief periods of time through dramas and films, something that does not relate to everyday life; therefor producers will want to carry on that sense of escapism for many people.

Why did you become a makeup artist and how long have you been working as one?

B.G: I was always into art through school and have always been a creative person. I became a makeup artist because it’s a way to express feelings. I am also very interested in special effects makeup, which is what I want to go into, for film and tv. I loved how challenging it was. When researching film and tv sets for my course work, seeing how important a makeup artist’s job can be inspired me. I want to go into a job that will push my creatively, mentally and personally whilst enjoying what I do for a career.

I have just completed my HND course and am now studying for my BA Hons. Throughout my course I have been getting work experience to help me when I go out into the industry as I know most of the learning will happen after the course.

Have the last few months made you contemplate a career change, if yes what did you consider / if not what have you done to adapt to the new restrictions?

B.G: The last few months definitely have not made me contemplate a career change. If anything, not being able to do makeup has made me want to do it even more, making me look forward to when things go back to the new ‘normal’. I feel that this pandemic has made us really think out of the box. Having social media for me has been a big help in allowing me to share my ideas and connect to an audience.