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British Summer is not complete without the incredibly fun music festivals that happen throughout the country during the months of June, July, and August. The cultural and musical diversity these dozens of festivals bring are what make the festival season in England one of the most famous and sought after in the world and as part of the incredible line up of festivals is LOVEBOX, a place where good music and an electrifying vibe are soaked in LOVE.

Whether your love is for music, a significant other, or just for the sunny dry weather (which lasts for a couple of months, or weeks if you're a witty Brit complaining about the constant bad weather) LOVEBOX is the perfect place to let yourself go while enjoying some of the best acts the music industry has to offer. After last year's "bad-ass" line-up, which counted with the mind-blowing performances by Solange, Rag'n'Bone Man, Giggs, and the incomparable Frank Ocean; this year saw the stages being stormed by artists of high caliber by the likes of Diplo, SZA, N.E.R.D (Pharrell Williams), and the R'n'B king Skepta and America's favorite Childish Gambino.

This year saw LOVEBOX moving into a new park, from Victoria in East London all the way to Gunnersbury in the West Side. Although the new venue was considerably smaller than the former, the crowd who attended the festival remained young, fierce, and beautiful as you would expect, with a youthful attitude that represents our current young culture. They are not there just for the music or the opportunity to show off their best festival attire, but above all, they are there to enjoy youthfulness and celebrate all the things they love about being young and free.

As you walk into the park, you are welcomed by the vibrancy of the rides and the sound of laughter and music blending in together. You instantly feel like entering a different world than the one you just left outside the park gates, the energy that flows from the stages are what tops up this transcendent experience and make LOVEBOX a must-go, again and again, and again.

Special thanks to MAMA Festivals and LOVEBOX.


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