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Even if you are already an eco-conscious shopper, when it comes to the gifting season and Capitalistmas, it can be a tricky task to see the wood from the greenwashing trees.

If you want to gift something meaningful without breaking the bank and leaving yourself high and dry in January, look no further. We’ve come up with an independent, greener gift guide that has a selection of price points for everyone.


This one needs little introduction. When lost for inspiration, a new pair of socks always works. Tore is the world's first completely recycled sock. They have three material options to choose from: Recycled Cotton, Recycled Polyester & Polyamide, and Recycled Elastane. They are certified by the Textile Exchange Organization. These eco-friendly socks are made from textile waste and recycled plastic bottles. They are also an Ecologi partner. Plus, there's a 15% discount on your first order!

 £15.99 upwards 


Earl of East has gained popularity in the last few years in the city and has forged some successful collaborations that have raised money for charity. Earl of East makes their candles using eco-soy (non-GMO) wax and scents them with essential oils traceable to their source. Their incense products are made using bamboo sticks, and they guarantee that all of their suppliers of soy-wax elements are certified by the RSPO. They are committed to ensuring that their work does not contribute to deforestation and respects the rights of workers and indigenous people. For every purchase made, a tree is planted through Ecologi, and they have a recycling scheme for your old candle jars!

 £18 upwards 


If you want to find a killer archival piece or a vintage tee, our friends at Rhubarb Store have you covered. They also carry new brands such as Tisi, Pieta, and Uskees, which have been carefully selected because of their environmental and ethical excellence. Rhubarb Store guarantees to buy back any item ever purchased from them, whether it’s 6 months or 20 years down the line, no matter the condition. They clean, repair, and resell, making them a fully circular store.

£30 upwards 


Mend House uses traditional mending techniques to repair garments that have been torn and ripped, even in the trickiest of places. Your garment gets to live another day and gains a beautiful detail that adds to its story. Mend prices vary depending on hole size and material type. Saskia, the founder of Mend House, also runs regular ticketed workshops to teach you the skills to do it yourself.

You can purchase a mending gift voucher by emailing Saskia

£40 upwards 


Handle Recycling provides an innovative and unique recycling opportunity for your old and empty beauty packaging. You can now drop off your old packaging at over 130 participating and accessible locations, such as Space NK and M&S. Handle Recycling accepts most types of beauty packaging except for glass and turns them into beautiful personal grooming products such as hairbrushes, hand mirrors, and razors.

£45 - £183 


Batch Ldn uses a production model that should be seen far more across the garment industry. Your suit is fitted and made to order. They have a 6-8 week production journey that they update you on and immerse you in with weekly video and email updates. You can even go into their Spitalfields store for a trying-on session and chat with absolutely no obligation to buy. They believe that this experience should be standard when buying something that you will keep forever. They are so proud and confident in their model that the chances are you’ll buy one anyway.

£60 - £395


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