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Fashion icons Emma Watson and Miranda Kerr are spearheading a trend, and this time around it's in beauty. And given their star power, it’s no surprise that many individuals are already following suit.

Vice president of merchandising for Sephora, Cindy Delly notes that more beauty enthusiasts are on the lookout for clean and safe beauty products that don’t compromise on performance. Now that consumers are more conscious of their health and safety, people are making a switch to products that meet those standards. We're entering a new phase in beauty, and it’s all thanks to the rise of clean beauty.


The beauty industry is undergoing a transformation. While beauty products have been traditionally limited to women, our story ‘A New Kind of Beauty’ proves that makeup is for anyone who wants to use it. More men are normalising the use of makeup, with icons like Harry Styles and Cody Fern leading the pack.

Now that makeup is innovating, beauty enthusiasts are transforming the quality of products by supporting skincare products that are free of harmful ingredients.

Since beauty products can contain chemicals that can impact your health, beauty enthusiasts can make use of different resources for picking and choosing the right products. The collection of articles on SymptomFind include solid, medically-reviewed guides on beauty and wellness that can be a buyer's best friend. These guides to clean makeup brands are especially important when it comes to upholding health and hygiene standards. After all, some brands leverage clean beauty as a marketing strategy, so any additional knowledge of harmful ingredients can go a long way in making your beauty experience enjoyable and safe.


There's a lot of hype around clean beauty, and many products do deserve it because they have tons of benefits for beauty enthusiasts. These makeup products are carefully crafted, so you can enjoy these advantages:

These makeup products are non-toxic

Clean beauty products are increasingly important to consumers. L’Officiel reveals that only 11 cosmetic ingredients are banned by the FDA, while the EU has banned more than a 1,000. Real clean beauty delivers both quality and safety, since many cosmetics are packed with harmful ingredients and endocrine disruptors that can mess up your metabolism, mood, and digestion over time.

Clean products are more gentle for the skin

No harsh chemicals? No skin problems. Clean beauty brands consciously craft products without harmful ingredients, so most of the potential irritants are not present in clean beauty products. As a result, beauty enthusiasts can create amazing makeup looks without worrying about any allergic reactions from common irritants like parabens, fragrances, or phtalates.

Clean beauty protects the environment

Clean beauty products are not just good for your body – they're also environmentally friendly. These products help the environment, and Cosmetics Business points out that beauty enthusiasts are more likely to stay loyal to clean beauty brands with products that are good for the environment. Consumers are even reading through reviews and social media posts, just to ensure that these clean beauty products are meeting their standards in line with their health goals.

Makeup brands are transforming the industry by creating clean beauty products to protect the health of beauty enthusiasts and the environment. With the beauty industry rapidly changing, make sure to stay tuned in on the latest trends by checking our articles at F Word.

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