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CHARLIE AUTERAC AT NEVS words Filipe Phitzgerard - photography Tom Buck - fashion Charlton Wheelwright - grooming Dom Hendy - retouching Sam Trenouth

Charlie Auterac at Nevs Models is the gorgeous 23 year old London boy who not only has the looks but the personality that will make you fall in deep love with him. His contagious laughter and positive spirit are just two of the many things that have made him such a success in and out of the fashion worls. He has walked down the runway, done fashion and grooming campaigns and has appeared in Sam Smith's 'Too Good at Goodbyes' music video, and, had Kylie Minogue sat on his shoulders - go figure.

We had the chance to catch up with Charlie for a candid chat about modelling, his love for greyhounds, and more.

Filipe Phitzgerard: Let's start from the beginning; where are you from? How old are you?

Charlie Auterac: North London, 23

F.P: How did you get into modelling?

C.A: A designer saw a picture of me on Facebook and asked me to walk for his brand at London Fashion Week. I initially thought it was a joke, however, I decided to do it anyway. I was scouted at that show and the rest is history.

F.P: Before then, did you ever imagine you would become a model?

C.A: (Laughs) No way. Back then I had never met a model or anyone in the fashion industry before. My mum bought all my clothes for me from George ASDA. I had never had Instagram, I didn’t even have a mobile phone.

F.P: Besides modelling and the gym, what are the other top three things you are into?

C.A: I love dogs, particularly greyhounds. I also love walking dogs, particularly greyhounds. I also love stroking dogs, particularly greyhounds. The simple things in life.

F.P: So I guess you love Greyhounds?

C.A: Yes. I have two greyhounds, Teddy and Jack. I am a sucker for an underdog so when we first got them we found that they had been treated badly by their previous owners, they were abused and that traumatized them so much that we couldn't even stroke them or go near them. After about a year of constant love they started warming up to us and now they can't go five minutes without sitting on me for neck tickles.

F.P: Awh. That's lovely.

C.A: Yeah. Seeing that transition made me fall in love with them and it makes you realize that they have a lot of love to give back.

F.P: You have quite a healthy and beautiful body; do you live by a healthy and strict eating routine?

C.A: Depends what you classify as healthy. Everything I eat is home made and organic and if I consume meat I will have to consider the animal welfare. I do love a drink so that’s my guilty pleasure in life.

F.P: What is the best advice you could give to someone who is just starting at the gym and wants to achieve what you have achieved?

C.A: It's vital to have a strong mind set, as it allows you to drag yourself to the gym when you least want to, push yourself till you want to throw up, miss a night out with your mates so you can exercise and wake up an hour early to cook a healthy home made meal. Even if you’re a beginner if you have a strong mind set you will see results far quicker than most.

F.P: You have done a variety of modelling jobs, from fashion campaigns and catwalks, look-books and editorials to grooming ads and even music. What is your favorite type of job and why?

C.A: Catwalks. Sadly I am too short and stumpy to do them now, however, the three I have done for London Fashion Week were insanely fun. There is such a buzz being at those events.

F.P: Who did you walk for?

C.A: I walked for Nasir Mazhar twice and Sibling once.

F.P: What is the dream modelling job or client?

C.A: I love to travel so being able to shoot somewhere exotic would be awesome. Also a shoot involving animals!

F.P: Can you tell us a funny or interesting story from an experience you had while modelling?

C.A: Having to give Kylie Minogue a heady (She was sitting on my shoulders) was pretty daunting, as I really didn’t want her to fall off. That was not something I thought I would be doing two years ago.

F.P: When did this happen? What was it for?

C.A: It was for her calendar last year. That was fun.

F.P: Your favorite place in the world:

C.A: Borneo. This summer I will be cycling the island to raise money and awareness for retired greyhounds, as sadly there are thousands who need forever homes.

F.P: A place you haven't been yet and wants to go to:

C.A: Copenhagen, Denmark. I have never ventured to a Scandinavian country and have always been fascinated by their way of life.

F.P: Do you have any icons or people you draw inspiration from? If so, who and why?

C.A: People who have dedicated their lives to a selfless cause. A friend of mine has spent her last penny providing aid to refugees fleeing conflict and poverty, she is now moving to Greece to dedicate her life to that cause. That inspires me!

F.P: We know that you have a very close relationship with your friends, some of whom are also models. What do 'friends' mean to you?

C.A: My friends are everything to me. What’s life when you can't share it with those you love? All my friends know I would do anything for them.

F.P: What is a typical day in the life of Charlie like?

C.A: The last year a day in the life of Charlie is pretty boring. I have been spending most hours in the library writing my thesis.

F.P: What are you studying?

C.A: Nutrition.

F.P: What is your thesis about?

C.A: It's about the causes of child malnutrition in developing countries.

F.P: What is the best and worst thing about university?

C.A: The best thing is the lifestyle, I'm always surrounded by mates and also learning all the practical knowledge which I can now go an work with. The worst thing I'd say is the research, it takes it out of me (laughs). It takes bloody ages.

F.P: We could say that you make a huge success among the male (and female) LGBTQ community and has kinda become an LGBTQ Icon. How do you feel about that?

C.A: I love it! They show me so much support, sometimes I am gob smacked by how welcoming the LGBTQ community is. To think that 2 years ago I had never met an openly gay person.

F.P: How do you see your personal relationship with social media and your following?

C.A: I try not to think about it too much otherwise it becomes obsessive. What matters most to me are the people around me who support me through out my day-to-day life. Social media is just something extra which I find quite amusing.

F.P: What is the best and worst thing about social media, in your opinion?

C.A: The best thing about social media is when I’m out and about and people recognize me. I find it hilarious. There are too many things that suck about social media, however, I think the worst is the amount of male nudity I receive. I’m thinking of starting an Instagram to name and shame all the guys who send them. I also think my girlfriend gets jealous when I get sent them and not her.

F.P: You have been photographed as 'you came to the world' quite a few times. How do you feel when being photographed nude? Would you do it again?

C.A: Being nude is pretty awesome if its done properly. I am happy to shoot nude again. I will be covering Desnudo Magazine, which I am nude in.

F.P: How was it being in Sam Smith's Too Good at Goodbyes music videos? Did you get to meet him?

C.A: I loved being able to travel to Newcastle and see what it was like up there, the people were amazing. However, the actual filming only went on for 1 hour so didn’t see much of Sam Smith.

F.P: On that note, what kind of music are you into?

C.A: I do love grime and hip hop, gets me going when in the gym. However, I also love a good love song to help me unwind after.

F.P: Any good movies or Netflix series you have watched recently and we should definitely watch too?

C.A: Any true life crime i.e. making a murder

F.P: Last but not least; what is your favorite F-word?

C.A: Felicite. My sister, I have her name tattooed on me.

All clothing by ASOS Design

Photography: Tom Buck

Fashion: Charlton Wheelwright

Grooming: Dom Hendy

Retouching: Sam Trenouth

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